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John Swanson Milwaukee WI, Bell Ambulance EMT and FTO died in tragic accident

Death of John Swanson – John Swanson of Wisconsin Graphics LLC sadly passed away after a fatal accident at the South Shore Marina. He was pronounced dead on Saturday, June 10, 2023. The beloved Bell Ambulance EMT tragically passed away at St. Luke’s Hospital, leaving behind his family, who were at his bedside. His loved ones and family have all been touched by this loss, especially his wife Lori, son Andy and daughter-in-law Mackenzie.

What happened to John Swanson?

At around 10:40 p.m., dive teams from South Shore Park near Nock and Iron rescued a man named John Swanson, 61, who had been submerged in the water. He was immediately treated on the spot, but unfortunately he did not survive being transported to a nearby hospital, where he eventually died. Someone who called said they heard splashing and saw a hat floating on the surface of the lake. The first investigation by law enforcement revealed that a guy had ended up in the sea after falling into it after falling from his boat.

Since news of his death surfaced, many have paid tribute to his beloved, sharing fond memories of him. “John has been a big supporter of GA from the start. John and his son Andy at Wisconsin Graphics LLC print all GA T-shirts. –

“John has been part of the Bell Ambulance team since 2007. He is survived by his wife Lori, son Andy and daughter-in-law Mackenzie. Obviously, this is incredibly shocking news for everyone. We have grief and support resources available for employees (please refer to your email). We will continue to pray for John’s family and all those at Bell on whom John left an indelible mark. Ambulance Bell

Who was John Swanson?

John Swanson was a beloved Bell Ambulance EMT and FTO. He was also well known with Wisconsin Graphics LLC also well recognized as a member of the Global Augmentation Group. He was a loving husband and father of one child, his loving son Andy who he will miss dearly. Condolences and tributes have been received by John’s family as they grieve at this tragic time.

John Swanson’s obituary and funeral arrangements will be released by his family