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Jon Bernthal in Showtime ‘American Gigolo’ Trailer Looks Unconscionably Hot



Jon Bernthal strutting around with a shimmering six pack, a creepy version of Blondie’s “Call Me,” and the most glamorous parties on planet earth—yes, the trailer for Showtime’s American Gigolo has it all. In fact, this may have beat out every trailer ever as the best, sultriest two minutes of all time. Hall-of-fame trailer, coming in hot!

Since the release of the quick teaser yesterday afternoon (which serves as more of a Jon Bernthal fan-cam than it does tee up the actual series), fans have been drooling for more of American Gigolo. Wait no longer: the trailer is here, and it looks just as good as those original seven seconds in heaven.

American Gigolo is set up like The Flight Attendant, but sub Bernthal for Kaley Cuoco and male escort for stewardess. Julian (Bernthal), a gigolo, is sent to prison after he wakes up in bed with a bloody, murdered woman. After serving 15 years in prison, suddenly, he’s found not guilty. Now a free man, Julian must figure out his life—and find the murderer who ruined his entire life.

“They’re still out there,” he says in the trailer. “It’s not over.”

Then, here comes a montage of Bernthal at his most alluring: cruising down a highway in a convertible, long hair flapping in the wind. Back to work, stripping down in a bedroom. And, the very best, out for blood, after the man who dared to wreak havoc on his life.

Again, the Bernthal hive united to gush over the trailer, ecstatic to watch his new series. “JON BERNTHAL HAVING SEX ON TV EVERY WEEK LET’S FUCKING GOOOOOOO,” an elated user shared.

American Gigolo is based on Paul Schrader’s 1980 film of the same name, which starred Richard Gere in Bernthal’s role—and also included music by Blondie. Back in 2014, executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer announced he would adapt the film into the television series, and now, just a few years later, we’ve finally got the goods.

American Gigolo will premiere on Showtime on September 9.



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