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Joy Behar might replace Amy Robach at GMA following the affair scandal

Joy Behar might take over the new desk at GMA after Amy Robach cut ties with ABC following the TJ Holmes controversy.

Here is everything you need to know.

ABC may choose Joy Behar to replace Amy Robach at GMA

Joy Behar is throwing her hat in the ring to take over Amy Robach’s vacant chair at Good Morning America.

Moreover, Behar may replace Robach after her extramarital affair with TJ Holmes came to light. The pair eventually ended up cutting ties with ABC.

A source reported, ‘Joy is already making phone calls to producers and telling them they’d be crazy not to hire her to be the new face of the program.’

In addition, the network is reportedly in talks with the View host to replace Robach.

The insider went on to say, ‘Joy still thinks she’s the cat’s meow and sharper than any of the other ladies on The View — or GMA for that matter.’

Joy Behar expresses her desire to take over the role

It appears like Joy Behar believes that she would perfectly fit the role since ABC is now rushing to fill the spots.

Additionally, the source explained, ‘Joy wants to be in a real news setting and is making pitches to powers that be over at GMA.’

They added, ‘It’s no secret they’re cleaning the house and on the lookout for talent.’

Meanwhile, insiders reveal that Behar has fought with almost every co-host at The View including the influential Whoopi Goldberg.

Furthermore, both producers and Behar herself are growing tired of the continuous drama. Hence, she believes it is the ideal opportunity for a job change.

Besides that, the 80-year-old comedian has been quite vocal about her desire to take over the spot.

An insider claimed, ‘Joy, on the other hand, is all business, and she thinks she’d bring respectability back to the program. She always thought it was a good darned show before Amy and TJ tarnished it.’

If you didn’t know, Holmes and Robach’s illicit relationship became public after a media outlet shared intimate pictures of the pair in 2022.

According to reports, Holmes and Robach were visiting New York for a vacation when the press captured their images.

Subsequently, both of the were taken off the air in the following couple of days. It led to Holmes and Robach leaving GMA as well as receiving the entire amount of their contract compensation.


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