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Jungkook Breaks Multiple Records During The Live Performance At The Fifa World Cup 2022

For the last five days, every major news channel in South Korea has been raving about Jungkook’s outstanding performance at the World Cup opening ceremony. Thousand of articles have been written and all major news channels have been discussing Jungkook’s performance. Upon his return to Korea after his historic performance, Korean media hailed Jungkook as a “National Treasure” for his phenomenal live performance and achievement. BTS JungKook – Return of the national treasure – is the headline in South Korean media. KooKoo’s presence is once again felt in Korea, World-class Jungkook is Korea’s national representative” and The world-class that graced the opening ceremony wrote one Twitter fan.

Jungkook’s performance of “Dreamers” was highly rated by KBS news and it led to his being rediscovered as a solo artist and opening up new horizons for Kpop and the world to meet. ‘Dreamers’ was a huge success and Jungkook’s world cup performance was highly praised. A lot of people are remarking about Dreamers, saying that it has explosive popularity and is topping all of the main charts throughout the world. Korean SNS platforms and search engines were buzzing about Jungkook’s World Cup opening performance after he performed.

BTS Jungkook Is Being Praised By South Korean Media About His Performance Of Dreamers At FIFA Opening Ceremony Calling Him A National Treasure

Through Jungkook, every Korean will remember this year’s FIFA World Cup regardless of the South Korean team’s performance. The 25-year-old became the first person from the country to perform at the event. One Korean channel flashed the headline: The national tre asure has returned when Jungkook returned to Korea and performed Dreamers live. Leading media outlets hailed Jungkook as a “National Treasure.” Korea is once again able to enjoy KooKoo’s presence. A performance by Jungkook was also broadcast on KBS and MBC. Not only did he put on an incredible show, but he also earned a higher level of credibility as an international artist due to his incredible performance. His song debuted on the global music charts with a record-breaking debut.

The incredible performance of Jungkook was also praised in the FM Standard and TBN radio shows. Before the South Korean-Uruguay game, KBS played Jungkook’s song Dreamers to introduce their team. Almost a week has passed since Dreamers was released. Jungkook and Qatari singer Fahad Al Kubaisi performed the song at the FIFA World Cup, making it the fastest FIFA World Cup song to reach No. 1 on the iTunes Charts in the US. Only two hours and eleven minutes after its release, the song achieved this feat. As soon as Dreamers was released, BTS’ golden maknae was praised by ARMYs all over the world, members of the band, and even Jordan’s Crown Prince, Hussein bin Abdullah shared a video of the live performance on his Instagram account.



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