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JUST IN: Georgia Prosecutors Gearing up for Potential RICO, Conspiracy Charges Against Trump

Just a few days after a possible Trump indictment was announced in New York, prosecutors in Atlanta are reportedly thinking about charging Trump with racketeering and conspiracy charges in relation to the highly contested and controversial Georgia election back in 2020.

In November of 2020 Biden defeated incumbent Republican President Donald Trump by a narrow margin of votes. However, Trump and many supporters claimed that the election was marred by widespread voter fraud and irregularities, and launched legal challenges in an attempt to overturn the result. These efforts included legal challenges, rallies, and public statements by Trump and his supporters.

Trump repeatedly sought help to overturn the election results from various Republican office-holders, legislators, the Justice Department, and Vice President Pence. Georgia prosecutors opened a criminal investigation into Trump’s efforts to subvert the election in Georgia on February 10, 2021.

“Investigators have a large volume of substantial evidence related to a possible conspiracy from inside and outside the state, including recordings of phone calls, emails, text messages, documents, and testimony before a special grand jury,” CNN reported.

“Their work, the source said, underscores the belief that the push to help Trump was not just a grassroots effort that originated inside the state.”

The potential probe can be added to the list of witch hunts against the former president, as members of the Left continue to try and damper Trump’s 2024 bid.

CNN reported:

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis could make decisions on charges this spring, the source said. Willis will bring her charging recommendations to the regularly seated grand juries, who each serve two-month terms. Two regular Fulton County grand juries were seated in early March, and the next batch of two are scheduled to be sworn-in early May.

Investigators have at least three recordings of Trump pressuring Georgia officials, including a phone call that he made to the Georgia House speaker to push for a special session to overturn Democrat Joe Biden’s 2020 victory in the state.

There is also a recording of Trump’s call to a top investigator with the Georgia Secretary of State’s office in December 2020, while they were looking into quashed allegations of irregularities with signature-matching in Cobb County in the Atlanta metropolitan area.




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