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Justin Bieber slammed H&M for allegedly selling a collection featuring his name without Permission

It appears Justin Bieber wants H&M to apologize. The 28-year-old singer took to Instagram Stories on Monday to voice his displeasure at the retailer for allegedly selling merchandise featuring his name and likeness without his permission. The merchandise collection they put up at H&M was not approved by me… it was all done without my permission and approval,” Bieber said on an orange screen. If I were you, I wouldn’t buy it. The H&M merchandise they made of me is trash and I didn’t approve of it. Do not buy it. Fans have been sharing pictures on Twitter of other items from the collection, including sweatshirts that read “World Tour” and phone cases emblazoned with lyrics from his song “Ghost.”

One item from the collection is still available for purchase on H&M’s US website — a canvas tote bag ($15), with photos of Bieber. Some of Justin Bieber’s 270 million followers flooded H&M Instagram with requests to remove the allegedly unapproved product following his social media rant. On the brand’s latest post, one person commented, “Why are you selling Justin’s stuff without his knowledge? That’s sketchy,” while another user said, “Shame on you.”. Using Justin’s brand and face without his consent? It would be great if he and his team sued you! Another fan chimed in. In a statement to Page Six Style, H&M said it followed all approval procedures for its licensed products and partnerships.

Justin Bieber Warns Fans Not To Buy H&M Trash Clothing Because He Didn’t Give Permission For The Merchandise To Be Released

The singer Justin Bieber warned fans not to buy merchandise featuring his image and name at Swedish retailer H&M, calling the designs “trash” and disapproving of the designs. H&M denied these claims. Justin Bieber, 28, posted via his Instagram Story on Monday, 19th December: “I DIDN’T APPROVE ANY OF THE MERCHANDISE COLLECTION AT H&M.”. All without my permission and approval SMH I WOULDN’T BUY IT IF I WERE YOU. In a second post, the “Baby” singer called the clothing “trash,” adding, I DIDN’T APPROVE IT. DON’T BUY IT. A social media post from @jbiebertraacker, which posted pictures of the merch, was then commented on by Bieber to warn fans not to buy anything from the account.

According to a statement sent to Page Six on Monday, H&M followed the proper approval procedures for all licensed products and partnerships. As Bustle reports, this isn’t the first time H&M has used Bieber’s face on clothing. Justin Bieber Stadium Tour apparel was sold in 2016 and again in 2017 to promote his Purpose Tour. He launched his own clothing line, Drew, in 2019, which is also available on his official website. The “Love Yourself” singer wore his own pieces multiple times after trademarking the name in February 2018. In the past, Justin Bieber has sued people for exploiting his status for profit, though he hasn’t taken legal action against H&M yet. After Justin Bieber claimed the artist Brian Whiteley was putting together an exhibition of “profound” and “erotic” artwork by him, the singer threatened to sue.

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