Kano Govt, police face off over ban on Sallah festivities

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The Kano State Government has faulted the police for banning Sallah festivities in the State.

The Kano State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Lawan Abdullahi questioned the authority of the police to ban Sallah celebrations in the State.

Recall that the Kano State Police Command had issued an order banning all Durbar activities throughout the State for the upcoming Eid-el-Kabir (Sallah) celebrations.

The police said this was part of enhanced security measures to ensure public safety and peace in the State during the festive period.

However, ban on Sallah festivities has not gone down well with the State Government.

In a statement, Abdullahi accused the police to have repeatedly failed to follow the State Governor’s lawful directives as the Chief Security Officer.

“I am compelled to ask the question: who is usurping the authority of the Commander-In-Chief?

“Because some people are dishing-out directives to security chiefs in the State so much so that the State Police Commissioner without any consultation with the Chief Security Officer of the State or approval from the State Security Council had issued an order banning Eid-el-Kabir festivities in Kano State.

“How can anybody in his right senses ban Sallah festivities in Kano? and when did the State Governor seized to be the Chief Security Officer of the State that he will only see such ban on social media?

“Who is pushing the State Commissioner of Police to usurp the authority of the Governor?

“It’s important to stress that the Commissioner of Police has been consistent in disobeying the legitimate instructions of the Governor as Chief Security Officer, hiding behind orders from above. I ask gain, what is the offence of Kano people that the Nigeria Police penciled them for destruction?” Abdullahi queried.