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Kanye West Arrested After SNL -Where Is He Now?

Kanye West got detained at Los Angeles International Airport after getting into a confrontation with a photographer.

This happened at the American Airlines terminal when a still photographer attempted to capture images of Kanye.  Kanye confronted the photographer and smashed his camera to the ground.

Why Was Kanye West Arrested After Saturday Night Live?

Kanye West got arrested at the Los Angeles International Airport on suspicion of vandalism. 

Kanye’s arrest was because he allegedly got into a fight with a photographer and smashed the expensive camera into the ground. The broken camera was worth $10,000.

As mentioned earlier, he was arrested after shattering a photographer’s camera valued at about $10,000. TMZ website reported that Kanye was seen grabbing the photographer’s camera while wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and having his bodyguard/road manager in red.

Kanye West

Where Is Kanye West now?

No information about his where about has been made to the public after his detention. According to sources, West’s tour manager was also detained during the brawl. It’s believed that the two were released from custody yesterday after posting a $20,000 bail.

When Kanye realized he had recorded the event, he yelled and went over to give the cameraman the tape. Don Crowley, Kanye’s security, appears to get the camera, while Kanye appears to get the lights. Both Crowley and Kanye trample on the light and the camera. The bodyguard then approaches Erik, the videographer, and wrestles the camera away, breaking it in the process.

Kanye West Is Mentioned in Dave Chappelle’s ‘SNL’ Opening Monologue

On Saturday Night Live, Dave Chappelle’s opening monologue discussed Donald Trump, the midterm elections, and Kanye “Ye” West’s antisemitic tirades. The comedian opened by reading a statement that he claimed to have written. I denounce antisemitism in all of its manifestations.

I stand with my Jewish pals, he continued, “and that, Kanye, is how you buy some time.” Asserting that West believed he was invincible until Adidas, among other firms, fired him as a result of a string of antisemitic remarks on social media, Chappelle spent the majority of his act criticizing West.

Ironically, he said, Nazis founded Adidas, and even they were scandalized. The Brooklyn Nets recently suspended Kyrie Irving for at least five games after he posted a link to the anti-Semitic film Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America. Chappelle also spoke about Irving.

Kanye West

What Happened When Isaiah Lee Was Arrested During The Show?

Isaiah Lee got arrested. It is reported that he stabbed comedian Dave Chappelle onstage at the Hollywood Bowlts. He was charged with attempted murder for allegedly stabbing his roommate in a transitional living facility in December, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

According to the prosecution, the publicity surrounding the Chappelle incident helped identify Lee and bring him in for questioning during the initial assault.

Lee’s defense attorney was contacted for comment, but the county public defender’s office did not return a call right enough.

Lee was detained on May 3 for allegedly storming Chappelle’s stand-up performance at the Hollywood Bowl and assaulting him.

City Attorney Mike Feuer said in a video message that the allegations will be vigorously pursued because his office takes public safety seriously and that the alleged attack had to have consequences.

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