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Kanye West et Kim Kardashian honorent la mémoire de Virgil Abloh



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Le rappeur américain Kanye West et sa femme Kim Kardashian, qui se sont séparés, étaient présents à la cérémonie d’hommage au défunt créateur de mode Virgil Abloh.

Le couple a fait front commun malgré le fait qu’ils ne sont plus ensemble et le nouvel intérêt amoureux de Kim, même si Kanye fait des efforts pour la reconquérir.

Le couple séparé s’est montré avec leur première fille, North West, où ils ont rendu hommage au défunt directeur de la création lors de sa collection printemps-été 2022 à Miami mardi.


Kardashian et West étaient assis au premier rang de la dernière collection d’Abloh – présentée comme une célébration de la vie et de l’héritage du créateur – au Marine Stadium de Miami avec leur fille.

West et le défunt Abloh entretenaient une relation très cordiale puisqu’il était directeur de la création de l’agence de design Donda du rappeur.

Il a également réalisé les couvertures des albums de West “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” et “Yeezus”.

Sur la liste des autres personnes présentes au défilé Louis Vuitton figuraient 21 Savage, Lil Baby, Gunna, Metro Boomin, 2 Chainz, Ivanka Trump et Jared Kushner.


… Kanye West et Kim Kardashian honorent la mémoire de Virgil Abloh .. on La Voix Du Nigeria.


Texas Temple Terrorist Wanted to Serve as Model for UK Muslims Attacking U.S.



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Now the leaked audio published by the Jewish Chronicle shows that’s indeed the case.

In a chilling conversation with his brother in Blackburn from inside the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Malik Faisal Akram, 44, said: “I’m opening the doors for every youngster in England to enter America and f*** with them”.

Addressing fellow jihadists, he shouted: “Live your f***ing life bro, you f***ing coward. We’re coming to f***ing America. F*** them if they want to f*** with us. We’ll give them f***ing war.”

The terrorist boasted about his desire for martyrdom. “I’ve asked Allah for this death, Allah is with me, I’m not worried in the slightest,” he raged.


Nothing really surprising here, but while he’s dead, I suspect that some future Islamic terrorists will indeed view that as “opening the doors.”

We’ve seen this before with various Islamic terror tactics being field-tested in the same way. The first time or the first few times it may not work, but then eventually it pays off with much bigger results.

Europe has a lot of Muslims and the U.S. is terrible at vetting travelers. Previous terror attacks, including 9/11, already used Europe as a partial base, but this opens the door for more individual initiative without the need for cells, just a plane ticket.

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UK: Jailed jihad preacher’s seven sons are all criminals or jihadis, cost taxpayers $13,582,800



Abu hamza sons

Here are some of the noteworthy details about these young men’s jihad preacher father Abu Hamza, indicating where his sons may have gotten their world view:

  • He was “convicted in the UK in 2006 of charges including soliciting murder and possessing terrorist handbooks following a £1million trial.”
  • A court was told in 2004 that “Abu Hamza is a leading member of a ‘global conspiracy to wage war on the West.’”
  • Abu Hamza “was finally extradited to New York in 2012 after a long-running battle over whether he would face the death penalty or torture in America.” He was convicted by a US court and “sentenced after being found guilty of 11 terror charges, including providing a satellite phone and advice to Yemeni militants who kidnapped Western tourists in 1998 – and plotting to set up an al Qaeda training camp in Oregon.”
  • Abu Hamza not only devoted his life to violent jihad, but “jumped at every chance to support jihad.” As far as he was concerned, “fighting, shooting, kidnapping, killing” were all mandatory, all justified in the cause of jihad, so it’s obvious why he’d be in solitary confinement, as the spread of the jihad ideology is a serious problem in American jails, and in fact in all Western jails.

Read more about Abu Hamza (whose real name Mustafa Kamel Mustafa), who is in a high-security prison, HERE.

In 2020, Abu Hamza was reported to be suing US authorities over his “rotting teeth,” no halal diet and “degrading” conditions in jail.

While jihadists are regarded in Western culture as “criminals” and are often described as having “mental health issues,” they are not driven by “mental illness” or criminality, but by the jihad ideology, which feeds their zeal and actions. In the view of jihadis and their supporters, they are heroes, and martyrs when they die in the cause of Allah.


Abu Hamza raised his family in the jihad ideology (as many do). The family members may also preach and recruit for jihad in jail.

“Hook-handed hate preacher’s TOXIC family: Abu Hamza’s seven sons are all criminals or extremists who have clocked up 40 years in jail between them (and the whole clan has cost taxpayers £10MILLION),” by Paul Bracchi, Daily Mail, January 14, 2022:

Career crook Tito ibn Sheikh appeared in the dock at Southwark Crown Court this week.

But his crime — plotting to launder hundreds of thousands of pounds of stolen money for which he was sentenced to nearly four years — was perhaps less shocking than his notorious family background.


He was born Hamza Mustafa Kamel before changing his name to Tito ibn Sheikh, which roughly translated means ‘son of a venerable man’ in Arabic.

This could not be a less appropriate title in the circumstances.

His father — the so-called ‘venerable man’ — is Abu Hamza, the infamous ‘hook-handed’ cleric of Finsbury Park mosque who is now serving life without the possibility of parole in the U.S. for terror offences there and in the UK.

Tito ibn Sheikh, as he is now, is one of Abu Hamza’s six sons.


Four of them have criminal convictions for offences including terrorism, armed robbery, drug dealing, fraud and burglary, and the remaining two have a track record of Islamic extremism.

Every one of them, in other words, has been a blight on this country.

Between them — and a seventh stepbrother — they have collectively chalked up 40 years in British jails and, along with Abu Hamza, have cost the British taxpayer millions in legal aid, benefits, healthcare and prison stays.

Could there be a more toxic family anywhere in the country, or anyone who has exploited the system more ruthlessly than the Hamzas?


This is the real scandal behind the latest conviction of 35-year-old Tito ibn Sheikh.

The money laundering scheme involved opening bank accounts with false identities — with the help of a corrupt HSBC official — to ‘wash’ £342,000 of ‘dirty money’ made through thefts and fraud.

At the time, Tito ibn Sheikh was on licence following his release from a 12-year prison term for leading a gang who kidnapped a man and tortured him over a £15,000 debt almost a decade ago.

The victim was knifed, battered with a metal bar and wooden cosh and nearly strangled to death.


‘His neck was squeezed so hard he thought his tongue would pop out,’ is how the prosecution described a particularly brutal aspect of his three-day ordeal.

Tito ibn Sheikh was also jailed for two-and-a-half years in 2009 for being part of a gang which stole 32 luxury cars worth more than £1 million……

Few could have possibly imagined the mark he and his as yet unborn sons would leave on the UK.

Hamza had one son with his first wife, Valerie Traverso, and five with his second, Najat Mostafa.


Najat still lives in a Victorian terrace that sits on a quiet gentrified street in Shepherd’s Bush, West London, where the Hamzas have been since the mid-1990s.

The bay-fronted property, painted magnolia, with security cameras, either side of the front door, pointing at visitors, is owned by Hammersmith and Fulham council.

The family of Hamza, who was sentenced to seven years for inciting race hate and murder in 2006 and extradited to the U.S. on terrorism charges in 2012, received state handouts, including housing and child benefit, which totalled more than £33,000 a year at one point……

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