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Kate Middleton Encourages Prince Louis to ‘Stay Calm’ With a Subtle Yet Potentially Disastrous Move — Body Language Expert

1686438916 Kate Middleton who reminds Prince Louis to stay calm with one move according to a body language expert stands next to Prince Louis

Kate Middleton’s been said to look the “most relaxed” around her and Prince William’s youngest, Prince Louis. According to a body language expert, the reason for it could be a trick to get the 5-year-old to be “less playful.” 

Kate Middleton seemingly ‘nudges’ Prince Louis ‘into being less playful’

Kate Middleton and Prince Louis | Daniel Leal – WPA Pool/Getty Images

The Princess of Wales “tends to project calm at some of the most nerve-wracking royal events,” body language expert Judi James told the U.K.’s Express. Part of the reason, James said, could be to keep her and the Prince of Wales’s youngest at ease.