Katy Perry Contemplates Quitting ‘American Idol’ Amidst Controversy: Did Producers Betray Her?

Katy Perry seems to be upset with how she was portrayed as a judge on American Idol and might be quitting the show too. Katy has been associated with American Idol as its judge for years now. However, her journey hasn’t been a smooth one on the show. It even made her face criticism for her comments to the contestants. But it seems Katy is ready to move on.

Read ahead to know more about Katy Perry may quit American Idol as its judge after being upset with the way she was portrayed.

Katy Perry and her journey with American Idol

Katy Perry has been one of the best singers of all time. While she has earned huge fame from her talent. She has been lately going popular as the judge of the reality show American Idol. The show brings new singing talent into the spotlight and Katy has been one of the trusted judges of the show.

Her journey with American Idol has been a long one. As she has been associated with it for six years. However, it seems like Katy isn’t happy with how it all went as the judge of American Idol with her. Recently, some reports hinted Katy might be quitting the show as its judge.

Katy Perry might quit American Idol as its judge

Katy Perry might have been the most popular judge lately on American Idol. However, she hasn’t been left out from being criticized. There were so many times when Katy was criticized for her comments on the contestants. That made her appear as the bad judge.

Katy however believes that she has been portrayed as the “nasty judge” on the show that could have been shown differently. The singer is reported to be thinking that she was “thrown under the bus by producers” repeatedly. Although, she has now decided what she wants now.

Can Katy Perry quit American Idol as its judge?

It was reported that for Katy being American Idol’s judge was not easy. In fact, the recent season was really tough for her. She has been even booed for her mom-shaming scandal. It made her really upset over it. Although, it seems like Katy has already decided if she wants to continue as the judge or not.

As per some insiders, Katy might quit American Idol as its judge. The reason was not money but her dignity and the legacy that may have been affected because of being portrayed as a nasty judge on American Idol. Katy doesn’t want her singing legacy and reputation to be harmed merely because of a reality show. Though only time will confirm if Katy will really call it quit or not.

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