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Keir Starmer Accuses Tories Of ‘Taking The P**s’ With Tax Cut Plan


ir Keir Starmer has attacked the Tories after the chancellor’s ambitious tax cut plan.

At the party conference in Liveprool, Sir Keir said there was a “change in the air”, with Labor poised to form the next government after 12 years of Tory failure.

The Labor leader planned a green energy revolution to boost economic growth as a counterweight to the ‘trickle down’ policy outlined by Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng.

Sir Keir used speeches to activists on the eve of the opening of the Labor Conference in Liverpool to denounce the Downing Street “shower”, which he accused of “taking the p**s” through tax cuts to the rich and less support for poorer households.

According to details announced in The Observer ahead of the party’s annual conference, the Labor leader pledged to double the amount of onshore wind, triple solar and more than quadruple offshore wind energy by 2030.

The creation of a net carbon-free, self-sufficient electricity grid would lead to permanent lower energy bills and the independence of countries like Russia, Labor says.

The move could also create half a million jobs and make the UK the first country with a zero-emission electricity system.

Speaking to activists, Sir Keir said the Chancellor’s confession of the Tory’s economic failure will be hung ‘around their necks’ in the next election campaign.

He said: “There is a change in the air. There is an atmosphere, there is a feeling that Labor is ready to deliver.

“And do we need no change after 12 years of this downpour, 12 years of failure under this government, wages stagnating for 10 years, public services on their knees.”

It is already clear that Friday’s Chancellor’s mini-budget will set the dividing lines for the next general election, with Sir Keir telling Labor supporters: “I disagreed with almost everything he said in that financial statement yesterday, except his opening sentence, when he said that there is a ‘vicious circle of stagnation’.

“He’s right about that and it’s their vicious circle of stagnation. That is the verdict of 12 years of Tory rule, a vicious circle of stagnation and we have to hang that around their necks.”

The former director of the prosecution said it is good if “someone caught in the act actually pleads guilty”.

He said the government’s “driving ideology” now is to “make the rich richer and do nothing for the working people”.

“If you made a million pounds yesterday, you got a £55,000 tax cut, enough to pay a nurse,” he said.

“It’s not dripping down, it’s the piss.”

The Labor leader’s relationship with union leaders has been strained by his refusal to fully support the wave of strikes sparked by the cost of living crisis.

But he insisted he would lead the “most pro-union Labor government you’ve ever seen”, and promised a Green Paper on labor rights within 100 days of an election victory.

The conference is vital for Sir Keir to present himself as an alternative prime minister to Mrs Truss, with the next election expected in 2024.

Sharon Graham, general secretary of the Unite union, told the UKTN that the Labor leader needs to be “brave” in his economic policies and not “stand still” to come to power.

The conference officially begins on Sunday, with a tribute to the Queen and a rendition of the national anthem.




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