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Keke Palmer Humorously Recalls Finding Out She Was Pregnant

On the heels of her “Once Upon A Baby”-themed shower, Keke Palmer is sharing more information about her pregnancy.

Specifically, the momma-to-be is dishing on the story behind her discovering that she was pregnant with her unborn son.

Keke ‘Didn’t Wait Long Enough’ For Pregnancy Test Results

During a recent episode of her Baby, this is Keke Palmer podcast, Keke recalled how, when she first began to think she may have been pregnant, the pregnancy test she took initially “didn’t have the lines.”

“I took the test, and it came back negative. I didn’t have the lines on there, so I just threw it in the trash. I just threw it in the trash”

With her pregnancy test seemingly coming back negative, Keke went out to a “semi-casual business dinner.” However, this was interrupted by a surprising text from her partner, Darius Jackson.

“And so I go out with Nora and we’re at like, this semi-casual business dinner, but we’re having some little sake and enjoying ourselves, and all of a sudden, I get a text from Darius, and he says, ‘When did you take this?’ And it’s a picture of the pregnancy test and it’s positive.”

At that moment, Keke realized that she “didn’t wait long enough.”

“I didn’t wait long enough! And I’m like, ‘I took that earlier today, like literally just some hours before I left out.’ And he said, ‘Well, you better [start drinking water]. Cause I’m buying 10 of these things right now!’”

She humorously added that, upon getting home and taking a plethora of other pregnancy tests, they came back “all positive.”

“As soon as I come home, me and him, I do 10 of ’em back-to-back…All positive.”

Keke Dished On The Name She & Darius Picked Out: ‘It Gives Black American Storyline’

On top of this revelation, Keke also shared some vague information about her unborn son’s name.

“We’re not saying the name, but the name for us—it gives American. It gives Black American storyline.”

She added that their choice of name is “nice” and “natural.”

“We want it to just be like — we’re not going for anything too unique. It’s not about to be Stone and Sand. It’s just like a nice natural [name].”

The actress also humorously addressed jokes about her naming her unborn child after her True Jackson, VP character, as Darius’ last name is Jackson.

“We can’t name the baby True Jackson. That’s too much of a joke. Yeah, that’s too much of a novelty. It’s too much of a novelty.”

However, she shared that she would be open to referencing True Jackson on her and Darius’ future wedding invitations. Keke also noted that the suggestion was actually sparked by a comment name by Darius’ brother.

“You know what’s so funny is when we first started dating, it’s so hilarious. Darius’ brother was like, ‘Yo, you know, you guys been dating for a minute. That’d be crazy if y’all get married and you turn her into a True Jackson. So we said, when we do, we said, when we do our wedding cards, that’s when the True Jackson moment will shine. We’ll do the wordplay for those invitations.”

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