Kelly Clarkson fans duped into thinking Morgan Freeman causes Voice of God 'chaos'

Who is the voice of God on The Kelly Clarkson Show? Fans are curious to know more about the person behind the sassy comebacks and hilarious quips.

Kelly Clarkson adds an element of hilarity to her talk show with segments from ‘the voice of God’ in 2023.

From “trying to work out why he gave men nipples” to poking fun at some of Kelly’s guests, the voice of God keeps the audience entertained on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Let’s take a look at the man who said that he wiped out dinosaurs with an asteroid strike because they weren’t “sparking joy” for him anymore.

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The Kelly Clarkson Show: Voice of God

The Kelly Clarkson Show’s ‘voice of God’ has been keeping fans and guests of the show super entertained.

From making jokes with Ariana Grande to saying that “David Duchovny looks great in a banana hammock,” The Kelly Clarkson Show’s voiceover impersonating the man upstairs is ready with sassy comebacks at all times.

Kelly often calls upon ‘God’ to moderate games she plays on the show.

Fans convinced ‘the voice of God’ is Morgan Freeman

Whether he’s taking a break from “watching Bridgerton” or reveling in Kelly Clarkson answering questions wrong on her show, ‘the voice of God’ is coming through with the comebacks.

Many fans have taken to the comments section of clips of Kelly’s show to say that they think the voice-over on Kelly’s show is done by actor Morgan Freeman.

One fan wrote: “Are we sure God isn’t Morgan Freeman? Or some actor doing a Morgan Freeman impression and presenting it as God.”

Another said: “It IS Morgan Freeman..”

Who is the voice of God on The Kelly Clarkson Show?

The ‘voice of God’ on the singer’s talk show is actually an impressionist called Josh Robert Thompson.

He’s 48 years old and hails from Cleveland, Ohio.

Josh Robert Thompson is an actor and comedian as well as a talented impressionist.

As well as doing impressions of Morgan Freeman’s ‘voice of God’, he’s also known for his impressions of other celebrities including Robert De Niro.

Josh appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and he’s also voiced various characters on shows such as Inside Job, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Family Guy, and American Dad.

He has a YouTube channel with almost 70k followers and can be found on Instagram at @jrtshow.

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