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Kenna Heminger Baby Video Controversy Goes Viral, Netizens Slams Her For Nursing On Adult Toy

Kenna Heminger is facing backlash over the inappropriate baby video that went viral on the internet. Kenna, who is herself a college student recently became viral on the internet for posting a video that didn’t go well with anyone. Post which she has been facing backlash over the same as everyone is criticising her for posting such content about the baby.

Read ahead to know more about Kenna Heminger getting slammed for posting inappropriate baby videos.

Kenna Heminger controversy goes viral

A college student Kenna Heminger is going viral on the internet these days and that’s all for the wrong reason. Kenna is accused of posting inappropriate content about a baby on Snapchat. Post on TikTok Kenna and her video have become a sensitive topic.

In the video posted by Kenna, she gave a four-month-old baby to nurse on an adult toy. Although, about this whole incident, a TikTok user @jayzleaa shared a video on the platform. While since then the matter has become viral all over the internet.

Netizens slam Kenna Heminger for posting explicit content about the baby

While the inappropriate video about the baby by Kenna Heminger came online. One of the TikTok users @throwingknees wrote that the baby in the viral video was Kennas’s friend. Not just that, Kenna has been badly slammed online for her video.

Further, netizens have accused Kenna of recording child po*nography. Meanwhile, others have even slammed the mother of the baby in the video for laughing while her child nursed on the adult toy. However, now the mother of the baby has broken her silence on the same.

Kenna Heminger

Baby’s mother reacts to the video of Kenna Heminger

According to some of the screenshots from TikTok. The mother of the baby in the video is known to be Alahntae Renville. Who has now broken her silence on the video posted by Kenna Heminger? While she was accused of allowing such things to be done to her baby.

Kenna Heminger
Image via jazleaa/TikTok

Renville said “No, I didn’t allow it. And no I did not know what was going on at the time until after the video was already made. I did take it away, I did say something to her. It’s not like I was sitting there w her watching”. Moreover, she herself accepted that the video of her baby that went on the internet was inappropriate.

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Image via jazleaa/TikTok

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