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Kenya top court blocks president’s push for constitution change




Kenya’s top court ruled Thursday that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s bid to change the constitution was illegal, dealing a blow to him and his allies ahead of key elections in August.

“The president cannot initiate constitutional amendments or changes through popular initiative under article 257 of the constitution,” six of the seven judges overseeing the case at the Supreme Court said, ruling against Kenyatta’s proposal to expand the executive.

But the court left open the possibility for the reforms — popularly known as the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) — to be instituted by parliament or through other means, so long as the president did not have a hand in the changes.

The reforms would have been the biggest change to Kenya’s political system since the introduction of a new constitution in 2010.

The initiative has left the East African nation’s political elite divided.

Kenyatta had argued that the change would make politics more inclusive and help end repeated cycles of election violence.

Thursday’s decision came after the High Court and Court of Appeal ruled against the proposed amendments last year.

The appeals court even said Kenyatta could be sued in a civil court for launching the process.

But the Supreme Court ruled against this idea.

“Civil proceedings cannot be instituted in any court against the president or the person performing the functions of the office of the president during their tenure of office in respect of anything done or not done under the constitution,” it declared.

BBI’s detractors — including Kenyatta’s estranged deputy William Ruto, who is running for the top job in August — say the plan is a little more than a naked grab for power by a two-term president who cannot run a third time.

The timing of the reforms spurred speculation in recent years that Kenyatta is seeking to remain in power by establishing ... of the prime minister as part of the BBI.

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Three Evil Women Kidnap Man, Rape Him For Sp3rms




THREE women kidnapped and took turns to sexually assault a 21-year-old man in Harare, police have revealed.

The trio gave a lift to the man, along Samora Machel Avenue in Harare, before injecting him with an unknown substance.

They then took turns to rape him and collect his semen.

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckson Chakanza, confirmed the case.

He urged commuters to rely on buses and vehicles registered under Zimbabwe United Passenger Company Organisation.

“Police are investigating a case of aggravated indecent assault involving three women reported to have kidnapped a man and taken turns to have sexual intercourse with him and collecting semen,” said Insp Chakanza.

“Circumstances were that the victim was picked along Samora Machel Avenue in town heading to Kuwadzana at around 1930hrs.

“He was driven in a Toyota Wish vehicle and taken to a paddock in Kuwadzana where he was indecently assaulted.

“He was reported to have been injected with an unknown substance and the three women took turns to have sexual intercourse with the victim.

“They collected the semen and left the victim unconscious.

“The victim later regained power and lodged a police report against the three, who are on the run,” said Insp Chakanza.

He said police have noted with concern cases, involving women raping men.

“Last week, another case was reported where two women, in the company of two men, kidnapped a Glen View man and kept him for three days at an unknown location, where he was sexually abused with the perpetrators harvesting semen.

“As police, we continue to urge people not to rely on private vehicles driven by people they do not know and avoid boarding mushikashika,” he said.

Police have intensified a blitz on Mushikashika vehicles. H Metro

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Watch How Man Canceled Wedding With Fiancée Over Her Facebook Comment On A Post




Following the viewing of a remark made by his fiancée on Facebook, a man has chosen to call off his planned wedding.

On Facebook, the lady responded to a post that asked women whether they would cheat on their spouses for a million Naira if they were given the opportunity

A positive response was received on the aforementioned Facebook post from the lady, who said that she would cheat on her husband in return for one million Nigerian Naira.

Someone overheard the lady’s statement and snapped a photo, which they subsequently forwarded to the gentleman in the next room.

The gentleman made the decision to call off the wedding only as a result of the lady’s statement.


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