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Kenyan Police Officer Kills Her Husband, Then Shoots Herself in Suspected Murder-Suicide



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A Kenyan police constable has shot and killed her officer husband before turning the gun on herself in what is suspected to be a murder-suicide.

The two constables, Abel Andari, 28,and Dorcas Chebet, 27,were found lying in pools of blood in their house at Kiungani Police Station in Kiminini, Trans Nzoia County.

Reports say that at around 10am on Sunday, January 23, Ms Chebet arrived at the Kiungani station and met her husband.

Shortly after getting into the house they locked themselves inside.

“Around 11.30am, one gunshot was heard from the house of Mr Andari,” Trans Nzoia County Criminal Investigations Officer Francis Kihara told the Nation.

The station’s commander (OCS) reported that other gunshots were heard from the house shortly after, Mr Kihara said.

After the gunshots, he said, no more movement was heard in the house. Police then broke the locked door.

Inside the house, the lifeless bodies of the two officers were found lying on the floor,” he said.

A G3 rifle and three spent cartridges were found on the floor.

Preliminary findings indicate that Chebet shot Andari on the chest, before shooting herself on the forehead using the G3 rifle.

Neighbours said the two had locked themselves in Mr Andari’s house with their one-year-old daughter before the gunshots were heard.

Mr Andari had a gun wound in the chest while Ms Chebet had blood oozing from her forehead.

Neighbours described Mr Andari as a silent man who seldom talked.

Shocked locals called for psychological support for police officers in order to prevent such cases.

Speaking at the scene, Mr Jeremiah Njuguna asked the National Police Service to provide psychologists to police officers, who he said experience rough times in the line of duty.

“This is the second case after a prison officer killed himself in Lessos. These are our brothers and as much as they handle guns they are humans and need support.

The bodies were taken to the Kitale Level Four morgue awaiting an autopsy, while the used firearm and spent cartridges have been collected for forensic examination

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52-year-old man gets back his dowry from in-laws after court order



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It was a big win for a 52-year-old man seeking a dowry refund from his in-laws after the Kitale Court granted his wish.

On Saturday at around 9.30 am Mr Wilberforce Saenyi Murunga and his brother Fred Matumbayi proceeded to Kiungani at the Chief’s office in Baraton to pick his three cows and a goat from in-laws.

This is after the Kitale mediation court ordered that three cows, a she-goat and Sh20, 000 be given back to Mr Murunga.

Initially, Murunga had paid Sh50,000, three Ayrshire heifers, one cross Ayrshire bullock, one she-goat, one pair of gumboots and a hat as bride price. That was on April 27, 2019, at his Bungoma home.

However, in the undersigned parties agreement, Mr Murunga forfeited one cow and Sh30, 000 as token of appreciation and the rest of the items.

“I am excited and happy that the court has done justice for me. Since the aggressor happens to be a lawyer I never thought I would win this case and I thank God,” Mr Murunga told Nairobi News.

According to Murunga, his ex-wife had told him that she would walk over the case but his determination kept him going “and I believe everyone is equal before the law does not matter your status”.

He says that his in laws were unable to provide all the animals and money due to the harsh economy.

The animals would be transported to his village home in Chwele, Bungoma for the Balunda clan to confirm.

“Now we are officially not husband and wife anymore. She is free to move on and likewise since the dowry has been refunded back,” he explained.

He called upon men suffering in silence to come out of their comfort zone and trust in court for justice.

April 14, 2022, a Kitale court referred the case to mediation.

Chief Magistrate Julius Ng’arng’ar said that a court mediator would be appointed to settle the matter.

If the matter is not settled, it will go back to the court for a judgment, he said.

Mr Murunga insisted in court that it is his right to get back his dowry, arguing that he was representing men who suffer in silence.

Chief Magistrate Julius Ng’arng’ar told the court that a court mediator would be appointed to settle the matter.

“I have decided to refer this case to court annexed mediation for possible settlement. I do not see anything difficult in resolving the matter. Let’s try this one first and in the event the matter is not settled then it will come back to me for judgment,” the magistrate said.

Mr Wilberforce Murunga insisted in court that it is his right to get back his dowry, arguing that he was representing men who suffer in silence.

“I had issues with my ex-wife, like children. Customarily, if we had a son, that is two cows and a girl that is one cow. So I demand what is mine and my black sweat,” he said.

Mr Murunga is expected to go back to the United States in May.

He sought divorce from Irine Khasoa on the grounds that she had deserted their matrimonial home. The marriage was dissolved on October 12, 2021 by a Kitale court.

He said in court documents filed on December 6, 2021 that he lived with his ex-wife for about one year and six months when she started deserting their matrimonial home on several occasions.

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Lilian Mutambo on Hakainde Hichilema’s neck: ‘The story of how PF messed the economy is becoming boring’




Lilian Mutambo on Hakainde Hichilema’s neck: ‘The story of how PF messed the economy is becoming boring’

One of the Zambia’s concerned citizens Lilian Mutambo has blasted Hakainde Hichilema for blaming the former regime of Edgar Chagwa Lungu instead of fulfilling the campaign promises.

Writing on her official facebook page Mutambo said Zambians have lost trust in Hakainde Hichilema’s rule.

Below is Mutambo’s statement;

 Time is really flying, around this time last year campaigns were happening.The New Dawn Government then made promises of a better Zambia.. Apart from peace, things are tough and even though some people will say its too early, many Zambians have lost hope in this Government. I have not seen youths use the slogan “Bally will fix it” in a long time….The Youths have been fixed with disappointments and it is the absolute truth….

All we see is people trying to divert our attention from reality to scandals of siezing houses and summoning people…They are buying time, wasting our resourses by being paid to write more speeches…People cannot eat Speeches…

The Youths are Jobless, have no access to Scholarships and remain at home hoping to see the fairy tale “Bally will fix it” come to pass…1 year will be gone whilst foreign nationals eat from the national cake in the name of “Investors” whilst the Youths are being told to form cooperatives. How can they do so when the registration process of a company at PACRA is not free, when printing and binding documents is not free? Salaries are so poor in that their families cannot support them.

All we hear and read about is the boring stories of how PF messed up the economy. The new adminstration is behaving like a person damped by the lover and what they do is share “bad memories”…The PF is their scape goat as they had no proper vision to govern and it is no wonder many in positions are from MMD and even the PF.

Zambians are being treated like teenagers in love where they are supposed to believe in everything not knowing they just want to cover face as they eat quietly….The Ministers, MPs , Councilliors are eating, buying cars, signing deals whilst they say things are bad…Whilst the Praise team is busy singing the Chorus, with no money in their pockets, they are fattening their own pockets. They do not even pick calls.

Whilst their Children go to expensive schools, they tell you education is free but children are sitting on floors. Civil servants like teachers have no proper support and structure and have to manage with the Disorganised and failed system! Many are weeping but have no choice, they cannot speak!

The nation is in a crisis and they aportion the blame on Ukraine- Russia war. The mines we have no say about as others are incharge, the youths on the Copperbelt have lost it, Copperbelt has lost hope, too much disappointments even over Black Mountain, life is tough…

There is no money is circulation, businesses are crumbling down! Payments are on hold..Can we see the Manifesto in manifestation otherwise 2026 may look far but it will be here soon…

We want a better Zambia and it starts now!


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