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Kenyan turns human waste into profitable fuel business



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A truck-full of unwanted human waste will soon be turned into fuel.

Trucks bring the material to a social enterprise called Sanivation based in Naivasha,100 kilometres from Nairobi.

It might seem like an unlikely source for cooking meals and heating homes, but this unpleasant mixture will be treated and turned into profitable briquettes.

“Initially, it was very hard for us to scale-up as we used to make a home based product. People used to think that it smelling a lot but that wasn’t the case because we used to treat the poop very well to make the product and people would even use it for barbecue,” explains Paul Manda, factory manager at Sanivation.

The raw material is treated through heating at high temperatures to kill the bacteria and then is mixed with sawdust to make the briquettes.

The product has become more popular than they expected.

“So, when we decided to think of another product we thought of the sawdust briquettes, and of course, it is also a combination of agricultural and of course human waste. This product (was) actually picked up the market much quicker than we thought. So, we are currently selling more than 120 tons and we cannot even meet the market demand,” says Manda.

Taking human waste out of the wider environment and turning it into fuel has environmental benefits.

According to charity,41 percent of Kenyans lack access to basic sanitation solutions.

According to data from WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (JMP), it is estimated 8.5 percent of the population practiced open defecation in 2020.

“The use of this fuel is very important to the environment in the fact that for each tonne that we are going to use we are saving thirty-three trees. Remember we are also taking a useless product that people used to just throw away, and maybe it was unsafely managed,” says Manda.

Sanivation initially targeted households as potential customers.

But after low take-up, they switched to supplying factories and businesses like Larmona flower farm.

They cook food on site for their employees and used to use charcoal and firewood.

But the briquettes are cheaper and manager Mary Wangui says her staff have noticed other benefits.

“We switched to briquettes which are environmentally friendly because they do not produce smoke compared to the normal charcoal and the firewood. Also it has another advantage that it is not affecting our employees in the canteen medical-wise because the smoke affects the health of the employees but with briquettes we do not have those chances at the moment,” she explains.

“We have other advantages on the tear and wear of cooking pots whereby we used to buy cooking pots several times but at the moment they are taking long. Also if you compare from the normal charcoal and from briquettes, the heat from the briquettes takes long that means we use less compared to what we used to use there earlier,” she adds.

According to Kenya Forest Service, charcoal provides 82 percent of the urban population and 34 percent of rural households with energy.

“The briquettes are a good alternative to charcoal and wood and especially they are made from mostly waste material so they reduce on the trees that are being cut,” explains Nickson Otieno, a sustainability expert and CEO at Niko Green.

“Number two, if well made, they burn efficiently so they release less emissions of bad air, we call it carbon. So that has a very good health impact but also environmental impact compared to how the charcoal or the wood burns. Which is not efficient.”



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SA outraged as police ‘forced’ homeless people to throw away blankets



SA outraged as police forced homeless people to throw away

South Africans are outraged by a photo showing Durban Metro police forcing homeless people to throw away their blankets. The viral post sparked many reactions from locals asking why police were taking the blankets at what looked like the start of a very cold winter.

Mzanzi raises weapon as Durban police ‘throw away homeless blanket’

Durban Metro Police have been slammed as callous and cruel after they shared a photo online of them forcing a homeless man to throw away a blanket.

The incident occurred in Ombiro this week as police carried out a “clean-up operation”.

Members of the Umbilo Community Policing Forum group shared that the police, seen in the photo, were trying to get a group of people sleeping outside the business on Gale Street to move.

Also featured in the photo is a garbage truck where the homeless were allegedly forced to throw away their blankets.

Netizens disagree

The Facebook post sparked outrage among locals, who said the actions were particularly cruel because of the cold weather.

Louveelco Nel says:

“Absolutely unfair and inhumane!”

However, some defended officials they said were doing their part to clean up the area and keep the community safe.

Allegation denied

Metro Police spokesman Parboo Sewpersad denied the allegations and said a homeless man in the photo voluntarily threw away his blanket.

According to Sewpersad, the homeless man said he was “tired of being taken by the police” and started throwing his belongings away.

“But this particular wanderer [in image above] Said he was tired of being touched by the police. He volunteered to put his stuff in the garbage truck. Businesses have been complaining to us because they can’t open doors because homeless people are sleeping outside,” Sewpersad said.

Sewpersad also slammed NGOs for encouraging homeless people to stay on the streets instead of moving them to homes and shelters, while adding that police have been conducting cleanup operations:

“The city has been cleaning up for years. Part of the problem is homelessness, which NGOs encourage on the streets instead of taking them to shelters and homes.”

Also read: Homeless grad who lost everything after mum’s death gets help from former lecturer



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ACLU Files Motion Denying Existence of Women



abortion is for every gender

The War on Women is real.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

The ACLU claims that there’s a War on Women… and it’s fighting it.

“We’re Not Stupid: Outrageous Quotes from the War on Women,” the ACLU had headlined a post about its pro-abortion activism in 2013.

A decade later the ACLU is arguing in court that women don’t exist.

Not only does the ACLU’s current abortion coverage eliminate any mention of women, but in response to a civil rights lawsuit by women, it actually filed a motion arguing they don’t exist.

Last year, the Women’s Liberation Front, one of the few remaining feminist groups that have rejected transgender intersectionality’s displacement of women, filed a lawsuit against California’s prison system over housing men who claim to identify as female together with women.

The feminist groups filing the lawsuit noted that, “of the incarcerated men seeking to transfer to women’s prison 33.8% — FULLY ONE THIRD — are registered sex offenders.”

Krystal Gonzalez, one of four women being represented in the lawsuit, reported being sexually assaulted by a man who claimed to be “transgender” in prison. The California penal system however insisted that her male attacker was actually a “transgender woman with a penis.”

The ACLU, along with Lambda Legal and the Transgender Law Center, filed a bizarre motion in response denying that, “‘men as a class’ are defined and differentiated from ‘women as a class’ by their ‘anatomy, genitalia, physical characteristics, and physiology.’”

Are there physiological differences between men and women? Science says there are while the ACLU denies it in what may be one of the most surreal motions ever submitted to a court.

Denying sexual dimorphism is up there with a motion claiming that the earth is flat.

But the ACLU motion went on “to deny the allegation that ‘human beings’ are ‘sexually dimorphic, divided into males and females each with reproductive systems, hormones, and chromosomes that result in significant differences between men[] and women[.]’”

Biology 101 is now an “allegation” to be denied in court.

Maybe the ACLU’s next motion will deny the “allegation” that the earth revolves around the sun.

The civil rights lawsuit the ACLU is fighting uses textbook terminology. Literally. The language of a basic biology textbook is being denied by a former civil rights group fighting against a civil rights suit by a sexual assault victim. The ACLU now hates science, women, and civil rights.

Not to mention free speech.

Within a decade the ACLU has gone from falsely accusing Republicans of a “War on Women” to waging an actual war on women in court. The ACLU has also switched from claiming that Republicans were tolerating sexual assaults on women to fighting women in court so that male sex offenders can continue to sexually assault them. That’s what a War on Women looks like.

It’s hard to know whether this is worse than the ACLU also throwing out freedom of speech.

Even while the ACLU files motions denying the existence of women in court, it still maintains the ACLU Women’s Rights Project that was founded by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The ACLU denies that women are a class when filing a motion against a lawsuit by a woman who was sexually assaulted, and then argues that they are a class in employment law.

Women are apparently still a class when they’re being paid less than men, but they’re not a class when a man wearing a dress wants to sexually assault them in the prison system.

The ACLU Women’s Rights Project claims that it “addresses the harms to women and girls caught up in the criminal and juvenile justice systems” even while its California chapters are fighting women who have been caught up in the criminal justice systems and suffered harm.

Even while the ACLU fundraises off defending women, it denies they exist. Its legal advocacy has begun to shift away from mentioning pregnant women to referring to “pregnant people”.

The ACLU promises to advocate for women while erasing them in court.

The former civil rights group accuses abortion opponents of supporting “forced pregnancy”, but women in prison have become pregnant while it insists on forcing them to live alongside male rapists. The actual agenda of the ACLU is even worse than its wildest accusations that it and its radical leftists allies have been hurling for decades at social conservatives.

In Washington, the ACLU went to court to stop the release of documents about the transfer of male prisoners, including a serial rapist, into the Washington Correctional Center for Women.

The men included Douglas “Donna” Perry, a serial killer who violently hated women, was charged with murdering three prostitutes and may have killed between nine and twenty women.

Douglas Perry explained that he killed women because he “couldn’t breed” and the “women had the ability to have children”.

A family member of one of his murder victims had specifically asked that Douglas be kept out of a women’s prison so he would not be able to hurt any more women.

But in California’s progressive jurisprudence, only the rights of criminals matter to the Left.

The ACLU’s male attorney went so far in that case as to file an injunction against the woman requesting information about the number of men being housed in women’s correctional facilities.

“The War on Women 2.0: Do They Think We’re Stupid?” the ACLU headlined its arguments a decade ago. The ACLU is waging a War on Women 2.0 and it thinks its supporters are stupid.

In the name of diversity, equity and inclusion, the ACLU wants to force women to live alongside a male serial killer who piled up their naked corpses near the Spokane River.

Douglas Perry was caught because a cold case investigation allowed a “forensic scientist… to be able to develop a male DNA profile from blood” found under one of the victim’s fingernails.

Perry is still a man. He was caught because of a male DNA profile. That’s actual science.

But how long will it be until the ACLU argues that DNA evidence can’t be used to stop serial killers like Perry because he now identifies as a woman and therefore he can’t be the suspect.

Perry’s defense for the murder of those women was, “I’m not going to admit I killed anybody, I didn’t. Donna has killed nobody.” When he was asked if “Doug did”, he answered, “I don’t know if Doug did or not, it was 20 years ago and I have no idea whether he did or did not.”

What used to be insanity a mere eight years ago is now the official position of the establishment.

In an extraordinary document, the ACLU denies everything we know about biological science and it does so in the name of not only erasing women, but exposing them to sexual abuse.

The ACLU claims to be fighting to protect women even as it’s forcing them to share a space with serial killers, rapists and sex offenders. What else would you call that except a War on Women?



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