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Khia Shades Says Saweetie Sampling ‘My Neck, My Back’ Is Her ‘Least Favorite’ : ‘Nobody Ain’t Gave It No Justice Yet’

The TikTok user goes on to ask the rapper for the name of the song that Saweetie sampled.

“She used ‘My Neck, My Back’… But I didn’t like that.”

Another person chimes in on the conversation.

“That’s how she popped.”

Khia replies.

“That’s how all of them did. YG popped. That’s how she [Saweetie] popped… City Girls did it. Theirs was okay but nobody ain’t gave it no justice yet.”

Khia said, referring to the City Girl’s 2017 single “F**k Dat N***a” and YG’s 2017 single “Pop It, Shake It.”



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