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King of the Hill: Bobby Hill's Most Iconic Quotes

King of the Hill is one of the most hilariously successful animated comedies of all time and changed animated television forever. Thanks to the brilliant creator, Mike Judge, who long before creating one of the best workplace TV comedies of all time helped lend his skill to animated TV. Through superb writing, and iconic voice acting, the series lasted 13 seasons and boasted a cast of unforgettable characters and a near-revival that unfortunately fell through. Perhaps the one hilarious one of all is Bobby Hill, the adolescent son of Hank and Peggy Hill. Throughout the show, Bobby certainly finds himself in numerous amounts of unique situations and is never shy of producing some memorable and iconic quotes.

What seems like a pretty normal word, Bobby Hill turned into somewhat of a catchphrase. It was a go-to one-liner for Bobby in situations happy and sad. It wasn’t so much the word “okay” that made it iconic, but the way voice actress Pamela Adlon delivered the line as Bobby. It is typically the voice actor who helps elevate what can be just any character into an iconic one like Bobby Hill.

This iconic Bobby quote comes from a season three episode, which sees the young Hill quit football for the world of soccer. When Hank tries to discourage Bobby from the sport, he comes back at Hank with this well-thought-out and mature response. Unfortunately, it is a response that only bolsters Hank’s hatred of soccer. This quote shows an insightful side to Bobby that peaks through quite a bit throughout the series.

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This season three episode finds Peggy beginning to tutor an inmate who was touched by her substitute teaching when he was younger. Things eventually sour, and her former student begins to ask her to do things to help him that make Peggy unsure and uncomfortable. With her brain elsewhere, as the family sits down for a dinner of sloppy Joes one night, Bobby finds his sandwich to be all sloppy and no Joe, with Peggy having forgotten to add the meat. Iconic Bobby quotes can be found even when the episode’s emphasis is elsewhere.

John Redcorn is a reoccurring character throughout the series and can occasionally be found imparting wisdom or customs upon his friends that are based on his Native American background. When the fathers and sons find themselves on a campout, Hank and his buddies tell the boys about the spirit of Wematanye and send them out to hunt down a snipe. Eager to make his Dad proud, Bobby accidentally takes down a rare Whooping Crane and loudly and proudly proclaims success to the spirit of Wematanye. The line along with the image of Bobby holding the crane above his head makes this an unforgettable moment.

Say what you will about his work ethic, but Bobby Hill can spin it into something resembling a good excuse. Something as simple as finding a pair of dress pants can be instantly sidelined by Bobby’s penchant for laziness.

Needless to say, Hank and Bobby Hill do not share a lot of the same interests. Although as father and son, they find common ground throughout a complicated father-son relationship. One interest they do not share is comedy. When Hank hears one of Bobby’s favorite comedians, Booda Sack, he is not impressed. Bobby, on the other hand, is thrilled his dad met Booda, and he even begins to develop a comedy routine centered around Booda’s work, which is based on African-American background. After some critiques from Booda himself and a suggestion to get in touch with his white roots, an iconic Bobby Hill quote is born.

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Bobby Hill tends to be a blank slate throughout the series and can take on the character of any situation on the show. This is most evident in an episode that finds the Hills and their neighbor, Bill, staying on a Southern plantation. Bobby’s demeanor, wardrobe, and vernacular all change to help create this iconic quote.

This iconic Bobby Hill not only tops this list but features as one of the funniest episodes of the entire series. When Bobby accidentally ends up in a women’s self-defense class, he learns an unorthodox technique for fighting back against bullies. One that involves a kick to the groin and a declaration that no one is going to touch his purse. This fits Bobby’s character arc perfectly as he does not fit the traditional mold of a teenage boy. Bobby, with a new move in his arsenal, has a newfound overconfidence and continues to use this move throughout the episode, even on Hank himself. Bobby does eventually learn his lesson when he attempts the same on his mother, but with no testicles to be found, Bobby has met his match.



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