Kingdom Tears – Dahlia game walkthrough

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom contains plenty of side quests to keep players occupied and enchanted by the magic of the game. This is a short task that must be completed before you can finish a much larger one.

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The game you play in this mission is simply a matter of finding a place for something; Once you interact with it, the job is pretty much done. This means that the mission will only last for a few seconds of actual gameplay.

Start searching

Open a map And look at Gerudo Desert. In this part of the map it will be Gerudo City. Use the shrine to quickly travel to the site, or enter through the front entrance. If you enter through the front entrance, turn right When you come to see an NPC standing next to the orb. If you’re using the shrine, jump over the end and use your paraglider to glide into the entrance. As you slide, you’ll see an NPC and an Orb on your left instead. This orb would be part of the mysterious eighth mission. Talk to the NPC and you will see her name is Dahlia. Accept her challenge in the dialog box to start the task.

The Legend of Zelda's Tears Game Dahlia's Kingdom with Orb

play the game

The Legend of Zelda's Tears of Doll Game Dahlia's Kingdom

The game you want to play is very similar to it hide and seek, with the hider being a puppet. This makes this a very easy task to complete. A timer will count down, and a time limit of 1 minute 30 seconds will start ticking. You will see a file Brassier in the room with you. there 4 streams of water around it. Take the current opposite the deltoid. This will move down slope. Go down this slope and Turn right. Look at the wall To see the stuffed doll. Use the Ultrahand tool for pick it to complete the round.

complete the task

The Legend of Zelda's Tears from Dahlia's Kingdom game has been completed

When the round ends, there will be more dialogue with Dahlia, and then the task will be marked as completed. make this a A very short task once you know where the doll is.

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