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Kola Nuts Side Effects




Kola Nuts Side Effects

 Possibly, you are not one of those people that consume kola nuts frequently.


 Are you a student, and you still eating kola nuts so you can be awake all night? Do you still take kola nut because your grandfathers lived for it? 


Take a minute of your time to know the eleven dangerous side effects of kola nut and what they include.


(1) In Pregnancy

 Excessive kola nut is not safe for pregnant mothers. Pregnancy mothers have been warned times without numbers not to take too much kola nut. Because it is not safe for both the mother and the baby, it might result in stillbirth.


 (2) Oral Cancer

 Kola nut is very powerful in that it can cause mouth cancer. Chewing kola nuts constantly has a higher tendency to increase the risk of mouth cancer and gastrointestinal cancer.


 (3) Causes cardiovascular problems

 Kola nut comes with some substance, and due to that substance, especially caffeine, it can cause an irregular heartbeat.


 (4) Worsens Diabetic Conditions 

 Medical practitioners have advised people with diabetes not to consume kola nuts as it may worsen the ailment. 


 Daily, they do sensitization on this because it is better to be safe than sorry.


 (5) Difficulty in Breathing

 No doubt, the large intake of kola nut is likely to cause difficulty in breathing. And of course, you know when such difficulty occurs; untimely death follows suit.


 (6) Effect of kola nut on anxiety

 Too much intake of kola nut can worsen anxiety disorder, and when this anxiety disorder happens, mental health is at stake.


 (7) Sleeping Disorder 

 Kola nut caffeine substance and constant intake of it can lead to sleeplessness or insomnia. At times, people take it deliberately to be awake all night, but it indirectly changes your sleeping mode. Those that find it hard to sleep should stay away from kola nuts. 


 (8) Tremors

 Kola nut is a very active stimulant, and it can put up a negative influence on the body's central nervous system. The kola nut strengthful effects can lead to things that will be very difficult to manage, such as shakiness, anxiousness, etc.


 (9) Blood Clotting

 When kola nut is consumed in a larger amount, the possibility of developing the worst ailment is high. So for someone with an open wound is advised not to consume kola nut as it may result in a slowing of blood clotting.


 (10) Causes Dehydration

 Excess consumption of kola nuts affects the body system. Kola nut is capable of draining or removing water from the body. This dehydration happens when your body expels water through increased urination. 


 (11) Brings about Restlessness

 The caffeine in kola nuts can cause restlessness. It's likely to increase your inability to be at peace, comfortable, still and can also increase stomach upset and unsteady hands.


From the discussion on the side effect of chewing kola nut enumerated above, some crucial questions people seek answers for include;


What are the effects of eating kola nuts on an empty stomach?

 Consumption of kola nut on an empty stomach is likely to cause nausea and stomach pains; again, it can cause nervousness. 


Does kola nut affect men’s sperm count? 


It went further to explain that if you want to live a life free from fertility issues, then the intake of kola nut should be mild because it’s capable of reducing men’s sperm count and then also reduce sperm motility. 


Secondly, it’s also capable of reducing sperm quality, and finally, it negatively affects the sexual behavior of men.



 Through kola nut is consumed in West African countries for ages now. There is no doubt it has incredible uses and benefits, but on the other hand, they are dangerous side effects. If you care to know the side effects, check up on those tips above because health is wealth.


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