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Kwakol Markets comprehensive tools give traders an edge



Kwakol Markets

Leading global multi-asset broker Kwakol Markets offers the most advanced and user-friendly resources to aid informed decision making. This ranges from cutting-edge market analysis to calculators and educational resources, along with the latest technological tools, such as AI-driven sentiment analysis.

Kwakol Markets is committed to providing clients innovative products to maximise chances of success in the financial markets. This makes the brand a trusted broker partner for many investors, traders, and companies.

Actionable Market Alerts from Autochartist

To save clients the time and effort needed to scan the markets for opportunities, Kwakol Markets has integrated Autochartist on its platform. Autochartist provides regular alerts of high-probability trade set-ups across a wide range of financial assets. The program analyses hundreds of chart formations and provides a visual representation of future price momentum and volatility. With this information, clients can improve their strategies, manage market exposure, capitalise on expected outcomes of macroeconomic events, and manage risk efficiently.

AI-Driven Sentiment Analysis Through Acuity

Acuity leverages machine learning and natural language processing to turn “infobesity” into an advantage for traders. It scours millions of analyst opinions, news articles, market commentaries and research to provide an average market sentiment on a particular asset. The primary advantage of news sentiment data is that it is a leading indicator. Kwakol Markets has integrated Acuity into its platform to help traders with quick analysis of news data and use its leading indicator properties. Acuity further uses the power of visual tools to enable easier decision-making for traders.

Real-Time Stories from Kwakol Academy

Kwakol Markets offers daily bite-sized videos, giving a snapshot of geopolitical events, economic data releases and technical analysis. This real-time financial news provides key information for traders to consider in their strategies. Traders can also get a quick view of the real-time prices of various assets via these videos.

Trading Calculators and Economic Calendar

Among the various tools offered by Kwakol Markets are several types of calculators for clients to get quick information. These include:

  • Currency Converter: To make real-time exchange rate conversions between two currencies. This helps traders with various decisions regarding position size, trading capital, entry and exits, and profit/loss calculations.
  • Pivot Point Calculator: Traders can calculate pivot points in 4 different systems by inputting the previous day’s opening and closing prices, along with highs and lows. Pivot points are essential tools in technical analysis, which help traders to determine likely support and resistance levels and possible market turning points. They can help to determine the overall market trend.
  • Fibonacci Retracement: The tool can help generate Fibonacci retracement and extension values, by providing the high and low price values of traders’ choice. Fibonacci retracement is a great technical indicator that finds use in various trading strategies. It can be used to find market entry/exit points, determine stop-loss levels, and price targets. It can also help identify potential support/resistance levels.
  • Stop-Loss Limit: Traders can use this calculator to find out exactly how much they stand to gain or lose, if they choose a long/short position, or enter a market at a certain price level, with a particular position size. This is a vital tool for traders to manage their risk levels.
  • Economic Calendar: The Kwakol Markets economic calendar provides the list of all upcoming macroeconomic events, categorised into high, low, and medium impact, with forecasted and previous values. The ensuing market volatility is often a result of the gap between forecasted and actual values. Many economic releases of major countries like the US are associated with increased price volatility, which could provide tradable opportunities. This vital tool helps traders to prepare for future volatility, and choose assets and strategies that can capitalise on market trends, following an event.

Kwakol Markets Releases iOS Version of its Trader’s Room

The Kwakol Market’s Trader’s Room is now available on Apple App Store, offering an enhanced user experience to clients. Traders can use this feature to track their positions, make fast withdrawals and deposits, open accounts, and make transfers from anywhere, using their iPhone or iPad. Kwakol Markets is also working towards providing an Android version of this feature for users later in 2022.

Kwakol Markets’ MT4 and MT5 platforms are accessible on multiple devices, to allow clients to trade assets seamlessly with the best tools for technical and fundamental analysis, anywhere and anytime.

Continuous Efforts at Expansion and New Innovations

Kwakol Markets continuously strives to promote access to wealth-building opportunities in the global financial markets, through technological innovations. The company also aims to expand globally and build long-lasting, fruitful partnerships. Kwakol Markets recently obtained a license from the Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) to offer its services in the continent.

Following their successful participation at the 2022 iFX EXPO held in Dubai in February, the company is gearing up to become a Bronze Sponsor in the iFX EXPO International in Cyprus, to be held from June 7 to 9, 2022. The biggest B2B fintech event in the world will offer a conducive networking environment for experts from various fields in the financial industry.

To find out more about Kwakol, or set up a meeting during the iFX EXPO International, contact the team here.

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Study: Amid Mining Bans, China Still Commands World’s Second-Largest Share of Bitcoin Hashrate



image 2022 05 17 132154

New data stemming from the latest Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) report on bitcoin mining indicates that China still holds the second position in terms of global hashrate. While China commands close to 22% of Bitcoin’s global hashrate, the United States currently dominates with 37.69%, according to CCAF researchers.

The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance updated the organization’s bitcoin mining data and map in order to highlight 2022 hashrate statistics. In July 2021, News reported on the CCAF’s data that showed China’s hashrate dropping by 46%.

At the time, China’s government enforced a ban on bitcoin mining and a great deal of the country’s miners re-located. However, the latest CCAF stats show China’s hashrate is still very prominent as the country is the second-largest leader in terms of global hashpower dedicated to the Bitcoin (BTC) network.

The study’s authors believe the miners located in China are likely leveraging virtual private networks (VPNs) to conceal their locations. The report indicates that China’s share of the overall Bitcoin network hashrate was 21.11%.

CCAF’s data derives from the organization’s partner mining pools Foundry, Poolin, Viabtc, and Moreover, some of the hashrate stemming from China did not leverage VPNs and CCAF’s researchers believe those miners are comfortable with their locations unhidden.

CCAF’s report notes that a “non-trivial” quantity of Chinese miners may have thought the ban wasn’t a big deal. “It is probable that a non-trivial share of Chinese miners quickly adapted to the new circumstances and continued operating covertly while hiding their tracks using foreign proxy services to deflect attention and scrutiny.”

Following CCAF’s updated data in July and October 2021, a CNBC report noted that unnamed sources told the reporter MacKenzie Sigalos that bitcoin miners were still located in China. China’s hashrate is sizable compared to a great number of other countries, however, the U.S. still dominates Bitcoin’s global hashrate by 37.69%.

CCAF’s data from last July showed the U.S. captured 16.8% of the global hashrate last year. If CCAF’s data is correct, that would mean the U.S. hashrate has climbed 124.34% since July 2021. Pool distribution metrics match with CCAF’s data as the mining pool Foundry USA has captured 19.5% of the global hashrate during the last three months. 13,182 blocks were mined during the three-month period and Foundry USA found 2,566 of them.

What do you think about the latest CCAF data that shows close to 22% of the world’s Bitcoin hashrate still resides in China? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

Image Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons



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UBA upgrades Chatbot features, as Leo launches service on Google Business Chat, Instagram




Africa’s Global Bank, United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc has announced the expansion of the services of Leo, its Artificial Intelligence chatbot to Google Business Chat and Instagram.

Leo – UBA’s AI-powered chatbot, which enables customers to make use of their social media accounts to carry out key banking transactions – was first introduced in January, 2018. It has since evolved to become a custom-fitted, personalised virtual banker to several UBA Customers across its 20 African countries. Before now, UBA’s Leo was servicing customers on Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Apple Chat.

The bank also announced an interesting upgrade to the existing features of Leo, where customers can now carry out their activities in a 3D animated format. Armed with this upgrade and with its recent expansion to Instagram and Google Business, customers will now be able to carry out more transactions from the comfort of their homes and can now perform more activities such as funds transfer, checking balances, buying airtime and data, and getting their bank statements with ease, from any of these social media platforms.

UBA’s Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Kennedy Uzoka, who spoke about the upgraded features of Leo, explained that the bank was always on the lookout for innovative ways to develop strategies aimed at easing transactions for the bank’s numerous users, while ensuring utmost safety of their transactions.

He said, “At UBA, we have been working with technology giants that have the global capacity to ensure not only seamless but also effortless banking for millions of our customers across Africa. We at UBA, have collaborated with the very best to actualise this unbeatable innovation that is capable of revolutionising the way banking is done in Africa.”

He disclosed that Leo’s activities has aptly spread across Africa, changing the face of e-banking in other key African locations including Cameroon, Zambia, Cote D’Ivoire, Senegal, Congo DRC, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Gabon, Chad, Congo Brazzaville, Benin, Mozambique, Zambia, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Mali.

Uzoka emphasised that the uniqueness of Leo lies in the convenience. “Customers can initiate transactions without leaving their favoured phone applications. By bringing Leo to the comfort zone of its customers, UBA’s chat banking became a pioneer innovation and has since enjoyed leadership status in the chat banking space,” he explained.

Since inception, Leo has been effortlessly enhancing the digital customer experience in banking and also achieving a range of other benefits like 24/7 availability as the chatbot Leo stays available round the clock to assist customers and handle the common financial queries asked by the customers.

United Bank for Africa Plc is a leading Pan-African financial institution, offering banking services to more than twenty-five (25) million customers, across 1,000 business offices and customer touch points in 20 African countries. With presence in New York, London and Paris, UBA is connecting people and businesses across Africa through retail, commercial and corporate banking, innovative cross-border payments and remittances, trade finance and ancillary banking services.

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