Kylie Jenner faces backlash over flaunting her wealth in pictures

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Kylie Jenner recently came under fire on the internet for showing off her massive wealth during her epic trip to Europe.

Here is everything you need to know.

Kylie Jenner gets slammed for flaunting her wealth on Instagram

Kylie Jenner took to her official Instagram account over the weekend to share a series of pictures of her enjoying a brief jaunt to Paris.

Moreover, she shared multiple photos of herself including her sitting in her private jet and looking out of her hotel room window.

In addition, the 25-year-old multimillionaire posted a few photos with her best friend Stassie Karanikolaou while they appear to be heading towards the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in a lavish limo bus.

Subsequently, Jenner flaunted her curves as she opted to wear a skintight black and nude dress. It had long sleeves as well as a slit up the back.

Jenner completed her look with an updo and black shades covering her eyes as she grabbed Karanikolaou’s arm.

Karanikolaou on the other hand wore a black gown that had cleavage cutouts.

If you didn’t know, Jenner’s net worth is estimated to be around $700 million as of early 2023. Her massive fortune comes from her family’s television series along with her skincare empire Kylie Cosmetics. 

Meanwhile, Jenner’s photos from her trip have earned more than three million likes from her 392 million followers. 

Besides that, she also faced criticism when she shared a picture of her and Travis Scott standing on an airport runway. There were two private jets on either side of the duo.

Additionally, she outlined ... with a caption that read, ‘You wanna take mine or yours?’

Netizens react to Kylie Jenner’s Europe trip pictures

Although most of Kylie Jenner’s followers shared their love for her recent photos, others were not impressed with her boastful post. 

Nevertheless, they took to their report social media account to call her out for brandishing her enormous wealth online.

A user wrote, ‘Wow. Look how rich you are. Thanks for reminding us.’

A second fan penned, ‘We know your rich, post something we haven’t seen and that’s meaningful damn.’

Someone else chimed in to say, ‘I hate being poor.’

A different user commented, ‘This is beyond embarrassing.. we know your loaded but a bit of humility doesn’t hurt…but of course, you and your vacuous family wouldn’t know the meaning of the word.’

Another fan pointed out, ‘Have you noticed that your followers are decreasing day by day?’


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