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Kylie Jenner ‘Is Not with’ Travis Scott Currently, Source Says: She’s ‘Focused on Her Kids and Business’

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s proper right here and there relationship has raised a ruckus spherical metropolis change as soon as extra.

A provide affirms to Individuals that the 25-year-old Kylie Beauty care merchandise magnate “isn’t with Travis at the present time.”

“She enjoyed special times of year in Aspen with her family,” the availability shares. “They have divided a few times previously and this is likely not the conclusion of their friendship.”

Jenner is in a really completely completely different spot from the 31-year-old “Sicko Mode” rapper, the availability supplies.

“Kylie is exceptionally centered round her youngsters and her enterprise. She is definitely not a giant carouser. Travis is the inverse. He jumps on the probability to social gathering.

They definitely have completely different core pursuits. They usually did.” It has “never been a simple relationship,” says the insider, who notes Jenner “goes crazy” any time tricking tales arose.

“There is an explanation that they never got hitched,” the insider supplies. “It’s eternally been exceptionally uncontrolled.

Also, they’ve by no means at any level lived respectively. They have constantly had separate houses.” Us Week by week was quick to report the separation data.

Jenner and Scott have dated on and off starting spherical 2017. They invited lady Stormi Webster, presently 4, in February 2018 and a child in February 2022.

In any event, all through their separation, Jenner and Scott have strived to take care of an sincere fellowship and co-nurturing relationship for his or her youngsters.

Following their 2019 break up, The Kardashians star tweeted concerning the place the pair remained with each other.

“Travis and I are on extraordinary conditions and our primary concentrate right presently is Stormi,” she composed at the moment. “Our companionship and our girl is need.”

Beforehand, Scott portrayed the pair’s nurturing mannequin as “a more normal energy.” “Like, more self-restraint,” he knowledgeable CR Men in 2021.

“Like, ‘Alright, you realize you got to hit the hay at 9, are you going to keep awake till 11 or are you going to nod off now?’ And it’s so cool [to hear her say], ‘I will rest ya’ll!’”



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