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Kyrgyzstan: ‘Foreigners’ in ‘international terrorist organization’ plot holiday ‘terrorist attack’



They came from Syria, so they were almost certainly jihadis, but Xinhua doesn’t dare specify exactly what kind of terrorists these were. The whole world tiptoes around the problem of jihad, hoping it will go away if no one talks about it. This will not work.


“Kyrgyz special services prevent terrorist attack planned during Kurman Ait holiday,” Xinhua, July 12, 2022:

BISHKEK, July 12 (Xinhua) — Kyrgyzstan’s special services have prevented a terrorist attack that was planned here during the Kurman Ait holiday, the State Committee for National Security reported Tuesday.

Two foreigners were detained on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack. The two were involved in an international terrorist organization and had arrived from Syria using fake passports, said the committee.

Several accomplices were also detained, it said, adding that the investigation has uncovered evidence of the planned attack and terrorist training of these individuals in Syria.

Reportedly, one of the detainees is an instructor in making improvised explosive devices….



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