Lady in Oxlade’s Viral Leaked Tape Cries Out To Daddy Freeze For Help, Reveals What Really Transpired

Tamara, the lady who was captured in the leaked bedroom tape involving singer, Oxlade has come out to speak on the incident for the umpteenth time and she details what really transpired.

You would recalled that Tamara filed a lawsuit against the musician, accusing him of “Criminal Defamation, Negligence, and Invasion of [email protected]”

She accused Oxlade of inviting her to his house, having s3x with her without her agreement, filming the act without her permission, and emailing the video to his pals, who then published it on social media.

Tamara recently appeared on Instagram Live with prominent on-air personality Daddy Freeze to discuss what transpired on that particular day.

The enraged woman denied rumors that she is chasing the singer’s money, and she also detailed how the viral video has damaged her life.

Tamara claims she hasn’t visited her family because she lacks the confidence to confront her mom and older brother, both of whom witnessed the v|de0.

Defending her reason for filing a lawsuit against Oxlade, Tamara said she was displeased with the fake apology the singer tendered to her after the v|deo went viral, and she feels that he leaked it on purpose.

Tamara who further revealed what transpired on that faithful day said “We were friends for over 2 years before we started dating. On that day, he invited me over to his house and when I entered his room he gave me a bottle of wine so I was tipsy.

“People who watched the video think I was trying to hide my face from the camera but I didn’t even know he was recording. I covered my face because I am a shy person and sometimes I can’t even look my boyfriend in the eye. I said something and he laughed so that was why I covered my face”

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