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Lady joyful as she reveals what made her genotype change from AS to AA

A lady named Jossy Paul has shared how her genotype was changed miraculously from AS to AA.

In a post on Facebook, she expressed her happiness while revealing how God changed her genotype from AS to AA. 

She shared the testimony while reacting to a post which read:

“My genotype has brought me so much pains and it’s really too much to bear.” 

In her words:

“God did it for me, he changed mine from AS to AA, and did the same for him. God is not a respecter of persons, if he can do it for one, he can go it for all. Let’s trust God for you dear.” 

The comments were full of mixed reactions. Some believed fully and praised God. Some claimed to believe but asked her to go and check in another hospital to be sure, while others didn’t believe at all. 

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