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Lady stirs up storm after catching mistress in her house + Video

A video which captured the moment a lady stirred up storm after she caught her man and his other woman has gone viral.

In it, the lady told the other woman, who was just on a towel and hanging on the veranda guardrails, to come down.

Her man was also heard pleading with her to calm down, but the lady was angry and told him to shut up his mouth because he brought another woman to her house.

The lady also smashed a bottle she had in her hand on one of the entrances to the building.

The supposed other woman became visibly scared as she begged the lady to forgive her, but the lady continued to shout: “Come down.”

However, as the lady tried to go up to the apartment, the other woman attempted to jump down, but the lady noticed and came down again.

Meanwhile, as the lady caused a scene at the house, other neighbours ignored them.



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