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Larry Flynt’s Unexpected Connection To President Jimmy Carter’s Sister



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Ruth Carter Stapleton (pictured above) and Larry Flynt could not have been less alike. The former was, according to the New York Times, a devout Christian who believed in, and practiced, faith healing; who held rallies in which she exhorted the crowd to “turn to Jesus”; and published books about her faith. Larry Flynt … well, Larry Flynt needs no introduction.

Despite the contradictory nature of their lives and careers, it seems that Flynt and Carter-Stapleton crossed paths at some point, and they began a friendship. According to a 1978 Washington Post report, Stapleton and Flynt were at an Ohio airport when the latter had a profound religious experience. “I spoke in tongues. There were animals eating at my neck, like baboons and monkeys, gnawing at me. [Jesus] told me my calling: to bring peace on earth.” What Jesus did not tell him to do, however, was to stop producing porn: Flynt kept publishing Hustler, and he even described his continued business venture as “hustling for the Lord.”

Flynt also redecorated his home “according to the dictates of God,” as the paper described it, and threw out his junk food in favor of healthier options his new friend advocated for.



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