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LASACO Assurance declares 15 kobo dividend to shareholders for 2022 year end

LASACO Assurance Plc has proposed a final dividend of 15 kobo to its shareholders for the year ended 31 December 2022.

The underwriting firm reported a turnover of N13.908 billion, up by 4.71% from N13.283 billion reported the previous year.

Profit after tax for the year under review grew significantly by 125.19% to N588.6 million from N261.38 million reported the previous year.

The earnings per share of LASACO Assurance Plc stands at N0.32.

At the share price of N1.68, the P/E ratio of LASACO stand at 5.23x with earnings yield of 19.11%.

Qualification date for the dividend is on 3rd day of July 2023. The Register of Shareholders will be closed from 4th July to 7th July 2023.

Payment date is on Monday, 31st of July 2023.