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Latest Job: Job Vacancies at Premiere Urgence Internationale (PUI)

  • WHO ARE WE ?
    Emergency First International is an international NGO, non-profit, apolitical and secular. Emergency First International was born from the merger between two French NGO Première Urgence and Aide Médicale Internationale.
    First International Emergency assists civilian victims, marginalized or excluded by the effects …

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    • Contents
    • Open Jobs
      1. OPD Nurse
      2. Stabilization Centre Nurse
    • Method of Application

    OPD Nurse

    • Job Type Full Time
    • Qualification BA/BSc/HND
    • Experience 2 years
    • Location Borno
    • Job Field Medical / Healthcare&nbsp

    General Objective

    • Under the direct supervision of the Health Supervisor, the Nurse provides patients consultations in collaboration with Midwife and other team members in the facility.
    • S/he follows PUI protocols and standards to ensure Quality and continuity of care, promotion and restoration of health of patients and population.

    Responsibilities and Tasks
    Patient Care:

    • Ensure and conduct the medical consultations with full history taking, clinical examination and provide a diagnosis and prescribe treatment accordingly following the protocols and universal precautions.
    • Explain clearly the diagnosis and treatment to the patient and make sure that the patients comply with the treatment
    • Request for a 2nd evaluation of the patient when needed.
    • Provide individual health promotion during consultations.
    • Delegate the treatment cares(distribution of drugs, injections, dressings…) to Nurse assistant.
    • Manage and report any suspected communicable disease case according to Première Urgence Internationale’s protocols and national Disease Surveillance guidelines.
    • Execute any action requested by the PM, DPM or Medical Coordinator as part of the outbreak response plan
    • Actively participate in the good cohesion and coordination of the team.
    • Record on a readable manner the health status and medical prescription.
    • Participate in the follow-up of the waste management according to the waste management procedures.
    • Collaborate with other departments as needed to ensure smooth implementation and integration of services.
    • Participate in any other activities such as vaccination, survey…according to the needs and as directed.
    • Maintain the working environment in a clean and presentable state.

    Management of an Efficient Referral System:

    • Manage the emergency and electives referral cases according to the referral protocol by facilitating the logistics including transportation means, appointment with specialists, laboratory tests etc. in collaboration with OPT supervisor.
    • Follow up the referred cases, and check the outcome.
    • Ensuring appropriate follow-up care has been given and taking appropriate action if further care is needed
    • Identify and refer patients who need mental health consultation.

    Medical Data Collection and Reporting:

    • Record accurately and on a readable manner, the clinical case management on the patient health card (history taking, physical examination, treatment, investigation, etc.), and patient registration book
    • Ensure an accurate daily use and tracking of epidemiological data
    • Participate actively in the early warning system and the outbreak response plan
    • Collect general information about the people living conditions
    • Participate to the assessment of health needs
    • Participate to the weekly medical statistic report in collaboration with OPT supervisor and the deputy program manager
    • Ensure an oral hand over at every team change over, draw attention to any notable events during the shift
    • Report to the supervisor any problem especially the gap/loss/robbery/damage of medical equipment or medicines or any patient and organizational issue.
    • Inform the direct supervisor of the various needs.

    Internal and External Representation:

    • Participate in any training in order to improve the quality and efficiency of nursing cares and duties
    • Participate actively in meetings when required.
    • The tasks and responsibilities defined in this job description are non-exhaustive and can evolve depending on the project’s needs.

    Priorities of the Department

    • Assessment on beneficiaries at risk and diagnosed individuals with communicable and non-communicable diseases or other diseases of public health relevant and treat him.
    • Provide frequent feedback on health-illness patterns observed in the field that require further assessment
    • Report to line manager periodically regarding context changes that affect the modality of intervention

    Mandatory Requirements

    • Education Degree: Recognized Nurse Degree (at least certificate level) with national legislation and valid License number.
    • Work Experience: At least 2 years of experience in Nursing, or in OPD services. Work experience with other NGO’s would be an asset
    • Language skills: Fluent in English and Hausa and good knowledge in Kanuri is an asset

    Knowledge and Skills:

    • Good knowledge of Communicable and Non Communicable diseases
    • Good knowledge of Public Health
    • Good knowledge of Medical Ethics


    • Working in humanitarian relief and interest in social issues
    • Understanding of the political situation in the area

    Transversals Skills:

    • Excellent communication, conflict solving and diplomacy skills to manage relationship in potentially tense situations
    • Team Spirit
    • Be available for any emergency
    • Ability to adapt or change priorities according to the changing situation.
    • Ability to make decisions and to exercise authority when required
    • Ability to analyse and suggest improvements of the activities
    • Well organized and hard worker
    • Able to manage stress and pressure
    • Able to check validity of information, logical thinking
    • Neutrality
    • Reliability

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    Stabilization Centre Nurse

    • Job Type Full Time
    • Qualification OND
    • Experience 2 years
    • Location Borno
    • Job Field Medical / Healthcare&nbsp

    General Objective

    • Under the direct supervision of the SC doctor, the stabilization center (SC) Nurse is responsible for the nutrition rehabilitation among admitted cases through providing timely and quality treatment of medical complications associated with SAM and provision of therapeutic feeds, routine and specialized medicines, health, and nutrition counseling in liaison with the physicians.
    • S/he is also responsible to ensure that all activities in the SC ward are consistent with established best practices according to the standardized protocols, policies and guidelines outlined by the Nigeria Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) and World Health Organization (WHO).

    Responsibilities and Tasks
    Consultation and patients care:

    • Welcome patients to the facility.
    • Apply the procedures of triage and perform admissions for the new cases as per the protocol.
    • Ensure quality and timely identification and treatment of medical complications associated with malnutrition in liaison with the Physicians.
    • Give and advice on the drug regimen for the patients.
    • Supervise and coordinate the strict patient management in the Stabilization center and ensure the laid protocols are followed.
    • Participate in daily SC ward rounds with the Physicians and fill the patient cards after the round, medications and other patient examinations or procedures.
    • Strictly monitor and record the vital signs regularly as in the protocol and report any deviation from the normal
    • Ensure that all required observations, prescribed treatment and procedures are properly carried out and documented on patient’s charts.
    • Refer to the doctor in charge or to the doctor on call relevant information such as patient’s status and laboratory results, which would assist in proper clinical management.
    • Monitor therapeutic Feeds and ensure that children get 3 hourly therapeutic feeds as required.
    • Carry out regular procedure like taking blood samples, providing IV medications and other necessary procedures as per the physician’s prescriptions.
    • Facilitate a timely referral of complicated SAM cases from the OTPs to the SC and vice versa and escort patient when necessary.
    • Provide all other necessary nursing care and procedures for the patients.
    • Assist patients with activities of daily living while in the ward.

    Team management and internal coordination:

    • Provide regular mentoring and on-the-job training for the SC Nutrition Feeding Assistants.
    • Ensure caretakers of SC patients receive appropriate nutrition education and referred and linked to community IYCF team.
    • Participate actively in meetings when required.

    Work environment:

    • Maintain equipment’s in good condition and submit regular inventory report.
    • Maintain a safe and clean working environment by complying with universal standards, procedures, rules and regulations.
    • Adhere to infection-control policies and protocols, medication administration and storage procedures, and controlled substance regulations.


    • Maintain registration and track the consumption of medicines, therapeutic foods and other consumables and share the report with the SC ward head physician.
    • Responsible for the collection, compilation and analysis of quality data and production of the required reports for the SC activities in charge.
    • Ensure that all admissions, discharges, transfers and deaths are properly recorded as they occur.
    • Report any difficulties or delays in the implementation of activities.

    Specific code of conduct:

    • Ensure that SC beneficiaries, caretakers and members of the community are always treated respectfully.
    • Maintain patient confidentiality at all time.
    • Respect the rights of the patients and caretakers/attendants under his/her care.

    Priorities of the Department

    • Support the opening and running of stabilization center in Ngarannam PHCC in Bolori II ward
    • Ensure Nutrition activities are conducted in a quality manner complying with the national and international protocols
    • Set-up and enforce effective referral pathways with in the PUI Nutrition components (CM, OTP, SC AND IYCF) and with the other departments (HEALTH AND PROTECTION) to assure PUI integrated approach
    • Build the capacity of the nutrition team on thematic areas related to nutrition

    Mandatory Requirements:

    • Education degree: Minimum of Diploma in Clinical Nurse.
    • Language skills: Good command in English and in local Dialects: Hausa and Kanuri
    • Computer Skills: Proficient user of MS office (including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)

    Work experience:

    • At least 2 years of progressive work experience in Nutrition Activities including significant experience in clinical management of complicated SAM cases in the SC.
    • Demonstrated understanding of the inpatient SAM management protocols.
    • Previous work of CMAM program and with humanitarian organizations is added plus.


    • Commitment to the NGO values and principles.

    Transversal skills:

    • Strong motivation to help people in need.
    • Ability to adapt or change priorities according to the changing situation within a mission or the organization itself
    • Understanding and capacity of integration into the local environment.
    • Ability to analyse and suggest improvements of the activities.
    • Well organized and hard worker.
    • Able to manage stress and pressure.
    • Understanding of the context of the area.
    • Honesty and reliable.
    • Reliability.

    Method of Application

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