Latest Npower News for June 2024: Backlog Payments and Program Updates



Latest Npower News for June 2024: Backlog Payments and Program Updates

In today’s update on Npower for June 2024, we will answer some of your most pressing questions about the current status of the N-Power program. Keep reading for the latest information!

Renewed Hope Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Program

Recently, President Tinubu made an important decision to lift the embargo on the Renewed Hope Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program. This announcement, made during his first-anniversary address, shows the government’s ongoing commitment to supporting vulnerable households through this program.

NPower Program Still Suspended

Despite this positive development, President Bola Tinubu did not provide any updates regarding the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP) or the N-Power program. As of now, the N-Power program remains under suspension.

Backlog Payments for Beneficiaries

Many of you have been asking about the payment of backlogged stipends owed to N-Power beneficiaries. It’s important to note that these payments can still be made even if the N-Power suspension is not lifted. The backlogged payments are considered debts owed to beneficiaries, and it’s up to the management to decide when to settle them.

Decision Pending with President Tinubu

The final decision regarding the continuation of the N-Power program lies with President Tinubu. Until he makes a decision, the program will remain on hold.

Youth Empowerment and Innovation Agenda

President Tinubu’s renewed Hope Youth Empowerment and Innovation agenda is progressing well. This includes initiatives like the Three Million Technical Talent Initiative (3MTT) and the iDICe Program, which aim to nurture digital skills. Additionally, the establishment of the National Job Centre and the National Talent Program are key efforts to create employment opportunities.

Additional Opportunities

For those interested in furthering their careers, consider looking into how to become a Nigeria Youth Academy (NIYA) teacher. New opportunities under the renewed Hope Youth Empowerment Program will be shared on this platform, so stay tuned for updates.

Training and Implementation of CCT Program

Finally, the NASSPS-SU Stepdown Training Orientation is currently taking place in various states across Nigeria. This training aims to educate desk officers on the new changes in the Renewed Hope Conditional Cash Transfer Program, ensuring proper implementation and management.