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Latest Npower News For Today Sunday 2nd October 2022

Latest Npower News For Today Sunday 2nd October 2022

In today’s Latest Npower News For Sunday 2nd October 2022, President Muhammadu Buhari in his October 1st speech stated that there is hardly any ward, village, or local government in Nigeria today that has not benefited from one of the following: N-Power, trader-moni, market moni, subsidized loans, business grants or Conditional Cash Transfers.

President Buhari said that besides our emphasis on infrastructural development with its attendant opportunities for job creation, employment generation, and subsequent poverty reduction, our focused intervention directly to Nigerians through the National Social Investment Programme is also yielding benefits.

The Federal Executive Council a few weeks ago approved the NSIP Bill to institutionalize the NSIP Programs in order to make them more sustainable. If you have not read the update, read it here Federal Executive Council Approved NSIP Bill

According to Nasims, the 4 NSIP programs include the following:

1) Npower

2) GEEP Loan

3) Conditional Cash Transfer CCT

4) Notional Home Grown School Feeding Program NHGSFP/p>

We will like to also add our last update to this latest update since the information contained in it is still relevant. So read our earlier updated post below:

Recall that we shared an update regarding the disappearance of the deployment page on the Nasims portal a few days ago. If you missed the update, you can read it here Possible Reasons Deployment Page Disappeared On Nasims Portal.

Flowing the Deployment tab disappearance on the Nasims portal due to the management efforts of updating Npower PPA posting record on the batch C stream 2 Beneficiaries dashboard.

We are glad to let you know today the 2nd of October 2022 that he management of Npower has reinstalled the deployment page, beneficiaries can now check their posting details directly on the Nasims selfservice dashboard.

As regards the payment of August Stipends for the Npower batch C 1 beneficiaries, the payment process will be initiated soon.

The Npower batch C stream 1 beneficiaries should not be scared of disengagement because the Npower Programme is 1-year skill development and work experience scheme that after graduation, exited beneficiaries will then transit to the extended program called Nexit Scheme for the exited Npower volunteers.

If you want to know more about the nexit program, read the details here Npower Batch C 1 To Join Exited Beneficiaries For Nexit Struggle



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