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Laura Dekker Now: Where is the Sailor Today?

Netflix’s ‘True Spirit’ adheres to the tough 210-day trip that Australian sailor Jessica Watson carried out from October 2009 to May 2010. At 16, she turned into one of the youngest to finish a solo international circuit without support, covering around 23,000 maritime miles. However, visitors may be interested to understand that Jessica is not the just one that has actually dominated the waves. Dutch sailor Laura Dekker additionally circled around the globe alone on her two-mast sailing boat, at around the very same age as her Australian peer.

Interestingly, Laura’s life began mixed-up, as she was birthed in Whangarei, New Zealand, in September 1995, throughout her papa as well as mama’ crusing trip. She invested the main 5 years of her life on the water as well as mosted likely to remain in addition to her daddy within the Netherlands after her papa as well as mama divided in 2001. For the adhering to couple of years, Laura helped her daddy as well as grasped crusing for short ranges previously than ending up a solo round trip to England in 2009. That 12 months, the 13-year-old presented her prepare for solo globe circuit.

Sadly, Laura challenged severe resistance from authorities authorities, offered the risks worried as well as her papa as well as mama sharing her joint protection. Once the accredited negotiation brought about 2010, she came down to cruise the globe in August 2010 at 14. When Laura returned in January 2012, she excited numerous more youthful seafarers worldwide. Now, in the occasion you’re to understand what she has actually been as high as nowadays, we currently have your once more!

Where is Laura Dekker Today?

After completing her solo globe circuit in between August 2010 as well as January 2012, Laura Dekker transformed the youngest to cruise the globe alone. Sixteen, when she returned home, the Dutch sailor was bestowed several prominent honors for her incredible accomplishment. This contains the Challenger of the Year Award by Faust A.G. in 2012, the AYS Speakers Program in 2012 by the American Yacht Club, as well as the 2013 Award of Merit by the Ocean Cruising Club in Whangarei, New Zealand.

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In 2011, Laura was chosen for the respected Conny van Rietschoten Prize, the ideal honor for Dutch seafarers. In February 2015, she furthermore transformed the youngest specific to obtain the Yachtmaster Ocean 200gtCertificate After her initial globe trip, Laura circumnavigated the globe one as well as a fifty percent events once again earlier than arranging base in her native home Whangarei,New Zealand She got knowledge functioning as a Marine Technician as well as occasionally partnered with too much professors in out of doors education and learning plans.

Since Laura likes joining more youthful minds as well as informing them regarding crusing, she identified to continue functioning within the education location as well as co-founded the Laura Dekker World Sailing Foundation in 2018. The team uses applications for university student to create synergy, confidence, task, creative thinking, as well as monitoring capabilities. Not just that, people obtain a chance to remain with Laura aboard her sailing boat as well as be educated the details of life mixed-up.

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In 2018, the sailor lent Guppy, the watercraft she utilized for her circuit exploration, to a Los Angeles- based charitable team called LifeSail. Unfortunately, the vessel was trashed throughout its trip to California, as well as Laura asserted payment for the problems. Eventually, she got an all new sailing boat called Guppy XL, which she uses to trainer university student today. Apart from crusing events, Laura showed up within the well-known 2013 docudrama ‘Maidentrip, routed by Jillian Schlesinger; it narrates her circuit experiences.

Furthermore, Laura joined the expedition-based Dutch truth collection, ‘Atlas’ as well as ‘Expeditie Poolcirkel,’ safeguarding starting point within the last. Apart from this, she has actually authored the 2014 unique ‘One Girl, One Dream,’ her memoir, which details the tests as well as adversities she challenged to make her crusing desire become a reality. On the personal entry, Laura linked the knot with an other New Zealander, Daniel Thielmann, in 2015, nevertheless they split techniques later on attributable to intransigent variants.

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The sailor as well as instructor after that began connection Sander Vogelenzang, an efficient watercraft contractor with a crusing history similar to hers. He is the founder of the Laura Dekker World Sailing Foundation, as well as jointly they trip around the globe performing out of doors education workshops for young adults. The pair has 2 kids jointly, along with their oldest child, Tim, that’s a budding more youthful sailor. Laura objectives to present valuable information as well as life capabilities to children worldwide using her team. Besides, she has actually saved her ardour for crusing to life as well as invests a great deal of her time on the open waters.



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