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Lauren Boebert Is Truly a Total Mess

Lauren Boebert Can’t Stay Away From Weirdness – Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is an intense person who does not shy away from the spotlight. She says eyebrow-raising things and loves props such as pistols and pithy sayings that highlight bible passages. Most of Boebert’s antics are harmless, but her willingness to embrace an extreme ideology could send her to a place that defies reality.

Lauren Boebert: What Did She Do Now?

Her latest stunner happened at a House of Representatives subcommittee hearing on the Endangered Species Act on March 23 that focused on the killing of wolves. For some reason, Boebert displayed photos of dead human babies. She said the following during this escapade with the fetus pictures.

“Since we’re talking about the Endangered Species Act, I’m just wondering if my colleagues on the other side would put babies on the endangered species list,” Boebert said, as she displayed the graphic images. “These babies were born in Washington, D.C., full-term. I don’t know, maybe that’s a way we can save some children here in the United States.”

What Brought This On?

Let’s try to translate what Lauren Boebert tried to say because this is just plain weird. She must intuit that wolves are endangered. The committee was discussing how to depoliticize the Endangered Species Act. Boebert decided to politicize it with an anti-abortion screed instead.

In her mind, since they were talking about baby wolves, it was time to talk about abortion. This was of course completely off topic and inappropriate, but par for the course for Boebert.

I’ve Seen Her Act Normal Away from the Cameras

I don’t know where this behavior came from. Was that her idea or a concept coming from her staff? I once saw Boebert at a conference before she gave her speech. She was walking around quietly – not engaging completely with the attendees. When they did address her she was gracious and courteous. Boebert on this occasion at the 2021 CPAC confab in Texas, acted like a normal politician. At times, she even seemed shy and reserved. Boebert was also notably not carrying a gun.

But when the cameras are turned on lookout. She can transform into something unrecognizable in the world of politics. Sometimes she throws caution to the wind and puts out questionable statements that are galling in their crassness.

Time to ‘Trust the Science’

This particular hearing had to do with Boebert’s “Trust the Science Act.” She wants to remove the grey wolf from the Endangered Species Act. After this happens, according to the legislation, the matter would not be up for judicial review. It’s unclear why the bill is called Trust the Science. Maybe she is being sarcastic. If so, that would be another example of Boebert using an official government channel to act inappropriately. There is no need for sarcasm in the text of legislation.

Other Republicans have sponsored similar legislation. Ryan Devereaux of the Intercept described this strategy. “The proposals are part of wider movement of Republican lawmakers — backed by supporters in the firearms and trophy hunting industry — to liberalize hunting of the West’s most iconic predators.”

We know Boebert supports guns so maybe she believes in the freedom to hunt wolves as well. That part makes sense, but the photos of fetuses are another story.

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Lauren Boebert may want to clean up her act. She barely won her last re-election effort in 2022 in which there was a recount. Her district is now a 50-50 tossup. If she is to be re-elected, she needs to minimize the strange antics. There is a time for decorum in Congress and it starts by not turning hearings into a circus. Displaying graphic photos that are irrelevant to the legislation being discussed is not worthy of Congress. If Boebert keeps this up, she may fight for her political life in Colorado, only to lose and return to re-open her closed gun-themed restaurant. Around half the people in her district would like to see that happen.

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