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Leak reveals what could be the Garmin Instinct 2 Solar successor

If you are a fan of big smartwatches, then this Garmin Instinct 2 Solar successor might catch your fancy. A recent leak shows that the smartwatch brand Garmin is planning on launching a new product. The exact product to be launched is not yet known, but sources say that it will succeed the Instinct 2 Solar.

This is a result of the leak that reveals the size of this coming smartwatch. Although the Instinct 2 Solar smartwatch isn’t the largest from the company, sources claim that it’d receive a large successor. The largest options from Garmin are both in the Fenix series, so it might make sense that this coming entry should fit in there.

But that might not be the case because the Instinct 2 Solar is due for an upgrade. This smartwatch launched about a year ago and is more than ready to receive an upgrade. Well, the Fenix 7x also launched last year and the details of its successor are also creeping around the internet.

Some details on the possible Garmin Instinct 2 Solar successor

According to the FCC filing, this coming Garmin smartwatch (A04600) is the biggest ever made. It is said to come with a 57mm case, which is a size that not many people are used to. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, for instance, comes with a 45mm case, which is a bit smaller than the 49mm case Apple Watch Ultra.

At 57mm many might wonder which smartwatches this coming Garmin product will compete with. Garmin builds most of its smartwatches with durability in mind, and this coming option won’t be left out. Its sheer size will also enable it to pack a ton of outdoor features that most other smartwatches lack.

Take into consideration the 51mm case option for the Garmin Fenix 7X solar smartwatches. Unlike the 42mm and 47mm options, this entry comes with a built-in flashlight and other outdoor features useful to hikers and explorers. This joins the regular smart features that the smaller options come with, making it the best pick for certain people.

The coming smartwatch which sources believe to be the Garmin Instinct 2 Solar successor (A04600) will also pack similar features. It might even improve on certain other things available on the 51mm case Fenix 7X option. Having a large protective case might also protect it from damage if it falls to the ground.

Details about this rugged smartwatch are still meagre at this point. Having passed the FCC filing, this smartwatch will be making a global debut anytime soon. Before its launch, more information about its design, specification, and actual series will become available.



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