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Leaked Pixel 7 Series Ads Mention Macro Focus, Super Res Zoom & More

Two Pixel 7 series ads have leaked, and they mention various features of the two phones. These ads have been shared by SnoopyTech, a tipster, as he shared them via Twitter.

The Pixel 7 series ads confirm ‘Macro Focus’, and talk about many more features

The Pixel 7 Pro ad is a bit more interesting, as it starts by highlighting ‘Macro Focus’. It’s here to allow you to “see tiny details” in photos. You can even see a sample taken with the phone here, a macro shot of a flower. Do note that the video is not in HD, though, so don’t judge the image quality by it.

‘Macro Focus’ has also been mentioned in a recently-leaked spec sheet of the device, so… there it is. This is basically the ultimate confirmation, though, as this is definitely an official ad that surfaced.

Considering that the ‘Macro Focus’ has also been mentioned in the Pixel 7 Pro ad, and is only listed for the ‘Pro’ model in the leaked spec sheet, it’s possible the telephoto camera will be used, not the ultrawide camera.

‘Super Res Zoom’ is also mentioned, along with ‘Magic Eraser’ and so on

‘Super Res Zoom’ is also mentioned here, though that’s not a new name. ‘Magic Eraser’ is mentioned in both ads, and you can also get a glimpse of the Google Camera UI here. It seems to be the same as on the current build of the app.

Another feature that got mentioned here is ‘Live Translate’, which we’re quite familiar with. Also, you’ll see the ‘Extreme Battery Saver’ get some love in the Pixel 7 Pro ad. The ‘Cinematic Blur’ feature gets mentioned in the Pixel 7 ad, to “give videos a dramatic effect”.

So, the Pixel 7 Pro will offer more camera features than its sibling, which is normal considering it will feature a telephoto camera. If you love using the zoom on your camera, the Pixel 7 Pro is the better choice for you, the same goes for taking macro shots.

If you only use the main and ultrawide cameras, however, the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro will offer the same pictures, basically. Both the hardware and the software will be the same for those two cameras.

As most of you know by now, the Pixel 7 series will become official on October 6.



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