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Lee Do Hyun Tattoo Design And Meaning

Lee Do Hyun is a South Korean actor known for his amazing acting skills and good looks. However, besides his acting career, he is also admired for his tattoo collection. The rising star has several tattoos that hold great meaning to him. In this article, we will discuss Lee Do Hyun’s tattoo design and their significance.

The first tattoo Lee Do Hyun got is located on his left wrist. The tattoo reads “有志者, 事竟成” (yǒu zhì zhě, shì jìng chéng) which means “where there is a will, there is a way” in Chinese. This tattoo represents his personal philosophy of life – that if you set your heart and mind to something, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

Lee Do Hyun also has an interesting tattoo on his right forearm, which reads “繁花盛开 岁月静好” (fán huā shèng kāi, suì yuè jìng hǎo) which translates to “Flowers in Bloom, a Perfect Time in Life” in Chinese. This tattoo refers to the beauty of nature, and its fleeting nature. It reflects on the importance of enjoying life’s fleeting moments and taking in every beauty life has to offer.

One of Lee Do Hyun’s most significant tattoos is located on his left upper arm. The tattoo reads, “Fail better” and is taken from the famous quote by Samuel Beckett. The tattoo symbolizes the importance of failure since failure is a part of life. The actor believes that it’s through failure that he finds motivation to strive harder and do better.

Lee Do Hyun also has the Korean script “길을 잃어버렸을 때” on his left arm, which means “when lost your way” in English. This represents the times when we lose our way in life, and how it’s okay to not have everything figured out. We can always find our way back with patience and determination.

Another meaningful tattoo Lee Do Hyun has is the phrase “変化無き平穏は退屈だ” (henka naki heion wa taikutsuda) on his upper back. The tattoo means “A Peaceful Life Without Change is Boring.” The phrase implies that to have a fulfilling life, we must be open to change and embrace it. It also transmits the idea that we need to leave our comfort zone to experience new things and grow.

In conclusion, Lee Do Hyun’s tattoos hold great meaning and significance to him. Through his tattoos, he expresses his beliefs, values and personal philosophy about life. They have become a part of who he is, and we can all learn from these inspiring messages, which remind us of the importance of perseverance, positivity, and growth.



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