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Leigh Matthews' dad pleased with board recommendation to deny her killer parole

Her father, Rob, said that the parole board’s recommendation to deny her killer, Donovan Moodley, parole is a win for parents whose children were victims of a brutal murder.

Donovan Moodley, who confessed to killing Leigh Matthews in 2004. Picture: SAPA

JOHANNESBURG – The father of slain university student Leigh Matthews, Rob, said the recommendation to deny her killer, Donovan Moodley, parole is a win for all other parents whose children were brutally murdered.

The parole board at the Johannesburg Correctional Service Centre on Wednesday recommended that Moodley be denied parole.

Moodley abducted and murdered Matthews in 2004, and extorted money from her parents.

In 2005, he was sentenced to life in prison for the murder, 15 years for kidnapping, and 10 years for extortion.

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Rob said he and his wife, Sharon, are thrilled with the parole board’s decision.

“From what we can see, the process to rehabilitation is not there yet. When you listen in that meeting, you can pick up there’s still issues there. To the parole board’s credit, they saw that, as well. We really are satisfied. I think they made a good decision.”

He said they feel seen and heard for all the other victims who never got the chance to make submissions before a board.

“Too often victims are left out of the process and are forgotten about, and it all becomes about the offender – that’s wrong.”

Because Moodley’s serving a life sentence, his matter will now be heard by the National Council for Correctional Services, and Justice Minister Ronald Lamola will make the final decision.



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