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L’État de Borno accueille les communautés de Gwoza



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Au Nord-est du pays, le gouverneur de l’État de Borno, le professeur Babagana Umara Zulum, accompagné du sénateur Ali Ndume, représentant le sud de l’État de Borno, était à Gwoza, dans le gouvernement local de l’État, pour superviser la distribution de fonds, de vivres et de vêtements à plus de 20 000 personnes dans les communautés, parmi lesquelles se trouvaient des personnes déplacées de retour chez elles.FB IMG 1649450148972

Le gouverneur les a exhortés à profiter du mois sacré du Ramadan pour prier pour la paix durable dans l’État et le pays.

Zulum a inauguré une maternité offerte par Ahmed Jaha Babayo, membre de la Chambre des représentants représentant Damboa, Gwoza et Chibok dans la circonscription fédérale.

La maternité comprend un service général, une section pharmaceutique et un service chirurgical avec une ambulance toute neuve.FB IMG 1649450047342

Le gouverneur Zulum a également inauguré une unité de 340 logements dans la communauté de Warabe, un petit village situé à quelques kilomètres de la ville principale de Gwoza. Le projet a été construit par le ministère de la reconstruction, de la réhabilitation et de la réinstallation afin d’installer les habitants de la communauté de Warabe qui ont été touchés par l’insurrection.

Le gouverneur a noté : “La réinstallation des personnes déplacées à l’intérieur du pays a pour but de leur permettre d’acquérir la résilience nécessaire pour être autonomes.”

Une école secondaire publique a été mise en service avec d’autres écoles dans la ville de Pulka, où plus de 500 élèves sont déjà inscrits.FB IMG 1649450086439




SA’s reaction to Miaandy’s return to school



SAs reaction to Miaandys return to school

Social media users are stunned by the arrival of Shauwn Mkhize aka MaMkhize as the latest addition to her family baby Miaandy. The little one was born a few days ago to MaMkhize’s son Andile Mpisane and his wife Tamia Mpisane.

After overcoming initial excitement over the extravagant event, South African social media users are now questioning why Sithelo Shozi – Andile’s first “baby mum” – was not given the same luxury when she gave birth to his first two daughters, Baby Flo Treat and baby Coco.

MaMkhize’s grand comeback for Baby Miaandy is eye-popping

This week, May 17, Tamia Mpisane and her newborn Miaandy finally returned home from hospital after giving birth on Sunday 15th.

Evidently delighted to welcome her third grandson home, MaMkhize went all out with flowers and balloons and a giant banner, all shown in a short video that has now gone viral on social media.

While many were surprised by the excesses, others wondered aloud why Sithelo wasn’t treated the same when she gave birth.

Many immediately commented that MaMkhize smeared Andile’s new relationship on Sithelo’s face, while some commented that Sithelo was treated karmic for allegedly sabotaging another woman’s marriage.

Harsh social media comments

Here are some thoughts on the Homecoming video and how it might affect Sithelo:

@lyniemkp said:

“When Karma finds you, it breaks all agreements. What Tamia and the Mamkhize gang did to Sithelo is nothing compared to what Sithelo did to Thandeka Sibiya.”

@tinoamy said:

“Mamkhize wants to kill Sithelo. Ignite welcome to Tamia”

@lerato765 commented:

“She didn’t like Sithelo and didn’t even hide it . I just hope baby Miaaandy won’t be a favorite and they’ll all be treated equally. “

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No Nuclear Arms or NATO Bases on Finland’s Soil



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Finland does not want NATO to deploy nuclear weapons or set up military bases on its territory even if Finland becomes a member, the Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin told an Italian newspaper in an interview published on Thursday.

Finland and Sweden formally applied to join the NATO alliance on Wednesday, a ‘decision spurred by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,’ but face “objections” from Turkey to an accession process that was originally expected to be relatively rapid.

Marin, on a visit in Rome to meet with her Italian counterpart Mario Draghi, said “she believed the matter could be solved through dialogue.”

“I think at this stage it is important to stay calm, to have discussions with Turkey and all other member countries, answering questions that may exist and correcting any misunderstandings,” Marin told Italian daily, Corriere della Sera.

Marin also said the question of NATO deploying nuclear weapons or opening bases in Finland was not part of Helsinki’s membership negotiations with the Western military alliance.

“Nor do I think there is any interest in deploying nuclear weapons or opening NATO bases in Finland,” she said.

Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson of neighbouring Sweden, which like Finland is applying for NATO membership, has also said “her country did not want permanent NATO bases or nuclear weapons on its territory.”

Turkey, a NATO member since 1952, has expressed unexpected opposition to Finnish and Swedish memberships, ‘accusing the Nordic neighbours of harbouring individuals linked to groups it considers terrorist.’ Ankara also cited the countries’ arms export embargoes on Turkey after its Syria incursion in 2019.

Finland’s President Sauli Niinisto and the Swedish Prime Minister Andersson are expected to meet the U.S. President Joe Biden in Washington later on Thursday.

Italy “strongly supports Finland’s and Sweden’s application to join NATO” and is willing to speed up any internal procedures for the two countries to join the alliance as soon as possible, Draghi said on Wednesday after meeting with Marin.





Reuters /Shakirat Sadiq



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