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Leyna and Ethan’s Wedding Is in Limbo on ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’



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TLC’s I Love a Mama’s Boy is back for the season finale. Leyna and Ethan have entered an uncertain stage in their relationship. Leyna is still having trouble with how close he is to his mother. She fears things will never get better. Here’s what happened last time on the reality series.

Esther wants Leyna to cut her guest list

A couple fighting on the beach. |
A couple fighting | Eric Ward via Unsplash

Esther is continuing to take over the wedding preparations. She told Ethan that she wants Leyna to cut back her guest list even though it’s her wedding. Esther wants to invite 40 more of her friends. She thinks Leyna should be the one to compromise since she’s paying for the wedding.



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