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LG's new InstaView refrigerators offer more space and changes colour at your control

LG to unveil new InstaView fridge at CES 2023

Note: This article was first published on 25th December 2022 and has been updated with new information.

lg instaview fridge ces 2023

LG has announced a new InstaView French-Door refrigerator at CES 2023. 

Despite having a 9% reduction in depth compared to a conventional French-Door model, the LG InstaView refrigerator offers 25% more room for food storage thanks to a slimmer cold air duct and evaporator with enhanced insulation.

Similar to previous InstaView refrigerator models, users can knock twice on the mirror-coated glass to check inside without having to open the door. This not only saves time, but also prevents cold air from escaping and energy from being wasted. You can check out our coverage article on how InstaView works.

The new LG InstaView refrigerator can also create four different types of ice: cubed ice, crushed ice, LG’s exclusive slow-melting round Craft Ice, and the new mini cubed ice. This gives users the flexibility to select whichever style of ice best suits their needs.

LG says the new refrigerator can seal in the freshness of ingredients for longer and helps maintain the hygiene of the built-in water dispenser via its cutting-edge technologies.

With LG’s exclusive LinearCooling technology, temperature fluctuations are minimised so that food can be preserved at peak freshness for up to 7 days. In addition, the DoorCooling system works faster than a conventional system to keep food fresher, and beverages colder on each shelf. Meanwhile, LG’s UVnano technology reduces bacteria on the built-in water dispenser by 99.99%, which helps to maintain its cleanliness.

Breath any colour into your kitchen space, at any time with MoodUP

lg mood up fridge ces 2023

The InstaView refrigerator will also come in a MoodUP model with colour-changing LED door panels that  was first teased at IFA 2022. Now, there’s a new colour option, Viva Magenta which is the Pantone Colur of the Year 2023. MoodUP users can apply Viva Magenta and any of the other available colour options via the LG ThinQ app. Yes, it’s that easy.

LG states that there are more than 190,000 possible colour combinations at the user’s fingertips, and they can customize the look and feel of their fridge (and the space in which it resides) without the physical hassle of replacing exterior elements, or incurring any costs. Furthermore, the colour-changing LED door panels can also sync to your music’s rhythm to change colours at a moment’s notice, which is really funky.

There's even a music collection of colours that will sync and beat to your music's rhythm! (Image source: LG)

@hwztech LG’s new MoodUP fridges are the perfect answer to Samsung’s Bespoke line with interactive colour changing panels up to 1,800 combinations including Pantone’s Viva Magenta 2023 colour of the year. #ces2023 #lg #lgces #lgces2023 #lifestyletech #lgmoodup #lginstaview #hwzsg #zachdoesces #fyp #want ♬ original sound – HardwareZone

The new InstaView French-Door refrigerator will be showcased alongside other latest home appliances at LG’s exhibition booth (#15501), Las Vegas Convention Center at CES 2023 from 5 January to 8 January 2023.

Stay tuned for more localised information and availability options at a later date.



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