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Lidl is committed to 100% free-range eggs by 2024


Supermarket discounter Lidl has committed to stock only 100% free-range eggs by the end of 2024.

Martin Kottbauer, chief trading officer at Lidl, said: “We know that, in addition to taste, the welfare and conditions in which chickens are housed are important to our customers.”

“As part of its commitment to promote UK products, 100% of Lidl GB’s fresh shell eggs are sourced from UK suppliers and produced under UK Lion Mark.”

The initiative – which Lidl says is the UK’s first discounter – will support the supermarket’s existing promise to work with suppliers to phase out the sale of eggs from caged chickens in stores by 2025.

It also means that by the end of 2024, all Lidl GB fresh shell eggs will also be RSPCA Assured.

Kottbauer added: “As the supermarket moves to sell only free-range eggs, it is working closely with its egg suppliers and has put in place long-term contracts to ensure they have the security and certainty they need to invest in the future.”

At the end of last month, Lidl became the highest paying supermarket in Britain after announcing pay increases for all its store and warehouse employees.

Entry level hourly wages at the retailer have increased from £11.30 in London to £11.95, while wages in the rest of the UK have increased from £10.10 to £10.90. Those who work night shifts will receive a supplement of £3 per hour instead of the usual £2 per hour.




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