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Lithuania Invites Visitors to Relax in Its Nature & Unique Spa Treatments

After the festive season, which has added financial strain to many families around the world, stress and joy, Lithuania has invited visitors to experience its peaceful nature and calm the mind and body through unique spa treatments to extinguish any anxiety.

Lithuania Travel, the national tourism development agency, emphasised that since many people felt the pressure of reduced financial capabilities and high inflation rates during the holiday period last year, Lithuania is ready to soothe visitors with landscapes and its natural immersion offering high-quality relaxation, reports.

“We recognise how many people often feel drained after the holidays, having had to deal with spending money on gifts, preparing for Christmas parties, and rushing to get everything done on time. As such, rest might be the best gift one can give themselves this year,” Head of Marketing and Communications at Lithuania Travel Dovilė Seliukė also noted.

As Lithuania Travel explains, a recent study by Deloitte found that more than two-thirds of respondents predicted that Christmas spending would increase their stress levels during 2022, with 53 per cent stating that it would “cause some stress” while another 15 per cent said they would “create severe stress”.

Lithuania is a destination with a very pure nature and uses the country’s natural wealth as its natural medical resources, including amber, pines, and mineral waters, to attract medical tourists. In addition, the country’s wellness centres also use the benefits of local flora to restore harmony to weary travellers.

Dating back to 2000-1800 BC, some forms of therapy are still used today, as the use of fossilised tree resin in medical rituals.

Such well-being traditions have become part of everyday life in Lithuania in cities such as Druskininkai and Birštonas.

Furthermore, as for the famous spas in Lithuania, they use mineral water from local sources that are rich in sulfates, calcium, and magnesium to provide treatments.

Thus, in order to increase the sense of relaxation for visitors, the baths are infused with a range of ingredients, from calming lavender to energising pine, which means the pratise is part of a broader culture of well-being that uses mud baths, saunas, pools, as well as massages to achieve true relaxation for every visitor.

At the same time, Lithuanian spas help reconnect with one’s inner self in both families and individuals alike. These highly mentioned natural anti-stress remedies are spreading all over Lithuania now and are expected to be used for a smooth start of the new year.



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