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Lockwood & Co. Fans Are Loving Lockwood And Lucy's Slow Burn Romance

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As is typical for a Netflix original series, every episode of “Lockwood & Co.” premiered to the streaming service on the same date, on January 27, 2023. Fans, then, were able to take in the entirety of the season’s story as soon as it became available. Perhaps bolstered by the fact they could watch it all in quick succession, numerous viewers online praised the distinctly slow burn romance that develops between Lucy Carlyle and Anthony Lockwood throughout Season 1.

For instance, Twitter user @aditi_bidkar complimented how two actors’ chemistry supports their characters’ slow burn romance, and hoped that viewers might get more of the same in Season 2. User @AmethystShining also highlighted their acting performances, in addition to how their dynamic is written. User @bookishcrows even went so far as to share a mashup video of moments between the two characters with the caption, “when i tell you they got the slow burn SO RIGHT it was perfect.”

Meanwhile, user smcgowan10 started a thread on the “Lockwood & Co” subreddit titled, “I’m on Ep.6, and if Lucy and Lockwood don’t kiss by the end of the season, I’m gonna be PISSED. Side note: They’re super cute.” Whether invested outright or frustrated by its slow pace, then, “Lockwood & Co.” viewers at large seem to be, at the very least, plenty compelled by the romance developing between two of its core characters.



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