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Lola Brooke is collaborating with Latto, and Yung Miami for the Don’t Play With It Remix

Lola Brooke has reportedly recruited Latto and Yung Miami for the remix of her hit single titled Don’t Play With It.

Here is everything you need to know.

Lola Brooke is seemingly upgrading her viral hit song  Don’t Play With It

Lola Brooke is continuing her rise in the hip-hop community by joining hands with Latto and Yung Miami on the remix of her hit single, Don’t Play With It. 

Moreover, the Brooklyn native came into the limelight last year following the release of her viral song Don’t Play With It. 

In addition, she went on to sign her first deal with Arista Records earlier this year in January. Subsequently, she dropped her latest single titled,  So Disrespectful in March 2023.

Meanwhile, rumors are going around that Brooke is possibly planning a remix of Don’t Play With It.

If you didn’t know, the news began after Brooke was seen filming a music video with Latto and Yung Miami.

Furthermore, the single is scheduled to release on 24th March Friday.

Lola Brooke opens up about her viral song Don’t Play With It

Lola Brooke talked about the success of her hit song Don’t Play With It during an interview with Consequence Sound.

For the unversed, the single was originally released in 2021. However, it did not become a viral hit until a year later.

She said, ‘I didn’t realize how big of a moment I would have from this song.’

She added, ‘I know it would be a moment, but I didn’t know how big. When I put the song out, my intention was to just promote it just because I was a fan of my own music.’

Additionally, she explained, ‘So even though it wasn’t pitching — on the first release, it wasn’t pitching yet, but it still was a good song to me. So I didn’t have no choice but to keep promoting the song.’

Besides that, Brooke also received a cosign from Kim Kardashian and North West. Also, Future asked her to come as a guest star in his recent shows in New York City.

Brooke mentioned, ‘I didn’t even let Pluto finish introducing who I was or who he was bringing out.’

She continued, ‘I just heard my music and I just ran out. And when I watched the video back, I see he was like, “Oh, oh, woah. Okay, Lola.” I was so excited, I couldn’t even hold it in.’


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