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Lorelai Gilmore Was Right, You Can Smell Snow

Gilmore Girls leaned into the New England energy of Connecticut. The series, set in the fictional town of Stars Hollow, really loved playing with the weather and different seasons. The four seasons served as a perfect backdrop for the dramedy. While the fall was an important season for the series, so was winter. Lorelai Gilmore was obsessed with the winter and, more specifically, snow. The quirky inn owner even once suggested that she could smell snow. No one else in Stars Hollow seemed to share her “gift,” but is it that bizarre? Many people who grew up in cold climates probably know the exact smell Lorelai was referencing. So, does snow have a scent? Scientifically, sort of. 

Lorelai Gilmore could smell snow 

Gilmore Girls filmed many snow scenes, despite the cast and crew spending most of their filming days in Burbank, California. There was a reason the snow was so important to the show. Not only was the series set in Connecticut, but Lorelai Gilmore had an emotional attachment to the winter weather. She insisted the best things happened to her during snowfall. 



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