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Lot-et-Garonne: RTE will invest 18 million euros in the department



Nouvelle-Aquitaine is the leading region in France for the production of electricity from solar energy and bioenergies

Departmental production is experiencing an overall increase of 8.9% compared to 2020, marked by a increase in bioenergy (+37.1%), thermal (+28.4%) and solar (+14.4%) “thanks to favorable weather conditions”. That said, the share of Lot-et-Garonne is marginal since it amounts to a total of 0.5 TWh, i.e. 1% of regional production (remember for all intents and purposes that the Golfech nuclear power plant is in Tarn-et -Garonne).

giant farm

At the same time, the electricity consumption of the department amounts to 2.2 TWh representing 5.6% of regional consumption. In 2021, this increased by 2.9% compared to 2020 (+0.5% compared to 2019). A slightly higher increase than that recorded across New Aquitaine (+1.1%).

Finally, RTE specifies that to achieve the renewable energy development objectives set by the State and by the Region for 2030, projects are to come on the electricity transmission network in Lot-et-Garonne: the maintenance of the network will require investment of 18 million euros; the reinforcement of the existing Bruch-Colayrac power line will require the construction of an overhead-underground link between Colayrac and Mézin (construction over 25 km between Mézin and Bruch and the reuse of an existing overhead link over 22 km between Bruch and Colayrac ).

Finally, RTE has programmed the creation of three source substations: in the Landes de Gascogne (connected by a 400 kV aerial link of around 65 km to the Landes Girondines substation), another to the east of Marmande and in southern Marmandais (connected via an underground 225 kV link of approximately 22 km to the Val de Garonne substation). The first is intended for the connection of the network of photovoltaic farms (10 farms for 1.5 GW of production), over a cumulative area of ​​2,000 hectares, the project of which is piloted by the Landes de Gascogne and Coteaux de Guyenne community chaired by by Raymond Girardi.




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