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LOVE AND THUNDER Concept Art Sees The Grandmaster Welcome The Movie’s Heroes To “Moon Of Shame” & More News



When Christian Bale revealed that he had shot scenes for Thor: Love and Thunder with Jeff Goldblum and Peter Dinklage, fans immediately started wondering why Marvel Studios would cut what sounded like two huge interactions for Gorr the God Butcher.

Neither The Grandmaster nor Eitri were ultimately included in the movie, though this latest batch of concept art shows the former welcoming Thor, The Mighty Thor, and Valkyrie to the “Moon of Shame.” The Thor: Ragnarok antagonist appears to have a fully robotic body and seems to be living on the colourless moon where our heroes ultimately confronted Gorr. 

It’s clear that this is no mere deleted scene and that Marvel Studios did, in fact, cut an entire subplot revolving around the character. 

We’d guess that The Grandmaster was brutally attacked by Gorr when the villain went on the warpath, saving himself with a robotic body. From there, Thor: Love and Thunder‘s heroes would have later found him on that moon, likely learning more about Gorr’s plan in the process.

Thor: Love and Thunder ultimately clocked in at less than two hours and was met with middling reviews. The consensus was that the story felt rushed, and director Taika Waititi has made it clear he doesn’t ever want to release these deleted scenes (likely explaining why they’re nowhere to be found on the upcoming Blu-ray).

“Too silly to take seriously, there’s still a lot to love about Thor: Love and Thunder,” we said in our review earlier this year, “but unlike Thor: Ragnarok, it’s unlikely to be a movie you’ll fall in love with. Marvel Studios may be developing a quantity over quality issue.”

Check out this new concept art below:

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